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Right at the end of 2020 I opened doors for my course, Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer.

I made an offer to all the participants of the live round that I'd promote anyone who successfully tested and launched their Day of Voxer-esque offer as a result of what I teach in the course.

The catch? They had to get it ready in 3 weeks.

It gives me great pride to present the mighty 35 people who rose to the challenge! ?

I invite you to take a look through what they're offering and sign up for anything that interests you. (There are epic deals in here, as well as some seriously creative offers!)

So, without further ado, my Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer Alumni….

(Please note that I am not personally endorsing any of these businesses. This was just a fun thing I wanted to offer clients who took action as a result of my course.)

Want to launch your own Day of Voxer Offer in the next few weeks? ?

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(Yep, you've guessed it, it's Day of Voxer ?)