Wasn’t ConvertKit meant to be the answer to your troubles,
not the beginning of them?

You excitedly signed up to ConvertKit.

You got your account, and set up a few things... but you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing, which is hella frustrating when it’s supposed to make your life easier.

You’re paying a monthly fee (aka wasting money) for something you’re hardly using…

You’ve tried looking for some advice on how all these tags, forms, sequences, automation rules, broadcasts, etc fit together.

Maybe you’ve:

  • read some help articles on their website
  • watched a few tutorial videos
  • tried searching in the official facebook group

(Which all takes time you’d rather spend elsewhere)

But… it’s always too complicated, not relevant, or is just missing the magic ingredient: the context of your business. You have no idea how to make all the fancy features apply to YOU.

You’ve heard from the pros that ConvertKit is awesome for “strategic  marketing blah blah blah”, but this tech stuff gives you a headache and you’re ready to throw in the towel and figure out a way to run your online business without email marketing. You’re way too smart to actually do that, but it sounds like a better option than trying to figure this all out right now.

I’m Lizzy, and since being invited to become one of the first 4 ConvertKit Certified Experts in 2016, I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners like you finally:

  • create a strategy so their subscribers fall in love with them and make that all important jump from free to paid
  • stop wasting time and start making the most out of ConvertKit's features
  • get back to focusing on the all-important money-making activities in their business.

Originally I just helped people with the tech in ConvertKit, but I quickly found that wasn’t enough.

People don’t know what they don’t know!

It was a lightbulb moment for me.

The ability to implement without having an actual strategy is useless.

So I created ConvertKit Rockstars so you can learn the precise strategy (and tech) behind what makes ConvertKit so powerful - the strategy that will exponentially increase your email list, your growth, and your bottom line.

How much of this sounds familiar?

  • You’re relatively new to email marketing, but you know you need to be growing your list
  • You’re not sure why you need or want to use certain features - and how they apply to your specific business
  • You know there’s so much more you could be doing in ConvertKit
  • You’d rather spend time elsewhere in your business, not figuring this shit out - tech stuff can be so laborious!
  • You’re afraid to play around with ConvertKit for fear of emailing your list random gibberish
  • You find the official ConvertKit Facebook group and Slack community overwhelming and desperately need someone just to teach you the RIGHT way to do this

If you don’t get a handle on ConvertKit, you’re either going to have to spend $s outsourcing to someone or switch (back) to a system that you know deep down isn’t going to support your business to grow.

Plus, in the meantime you’re missing leads, missing sales, and potentially sending valuable subscribers into the abyss with incorrect tagging or segmenting.

ConvertKit Strategy is knowing you’re sending the right thing, to the right people, at the right time, automatically. No more annoying your subscribers with too many emails or things they don’t care about and shouldn’t be receiving. #annoying #unsubscribe

ConvertKit Tech is knowing how the different buttons work and how to use them correctly to implement your ConvertKit Strategy.

ConvertKit Strategy + ConvertKit Tech

= ConvertKit Rockstars

Once you’re a ConvertKit Rockstar:

  • You’re 100% clear on exactly how to use ConvertKit strategically for YOUR business
  • You’ll be confident setting everything up in ConvertKit yourself (no more paying someone else to do it!)
  • Tech will feel fun and exciting, not scary and overwhelming
  • You’ll gain back hours of your precious time so you can focus on what you love again
  • You’ll trust yourself to do new things in ConvertKit
  • ConvertKit Rockstars has saved me hours of wasted time and energy. We all know that time is our most valuable asset and CovertKit Rockstars allowed me to understand and implement at a much faster rate than would have been possible without Lizzy's expert knowledge. I also have a comprehensive overview of what is possible in CK that will serve me for many years!

    Having access to Lizzy was awesome! She’s a generous and super knowledgeable teacher who has an amazing ability to simplify the most complex subject! I wasn't expecting such a comprehensive overview and such a refreshing attitude to the process. She has amazing tech knowledge which means that everything she asks us to implement is based in experience and not just theory. There’s no chance of hitting a tech roadblock and being stuck for weeks!

    I expected ConvertKit Rockstars to be a 'tech feast' and not such a comprehensive overview of strategy, i.e. the work on funnels was a fantastic surprise!

    Lizzy is 'The Bomb!' and ConvertKit Rockstars is a fantastic investment!
    Name Helen Henley

Here's what's inside ConvertKit Rockstars DIY:

Module 1: Business Goals/Overview

Create an email marketing plan for your business that works.

Set up email marketing campaigns that allow you to scale and grow.

Strategise for the future so you always know exactly where you’re headed.

Module 2: Subscriber Organisation

Find out information about your subscribers so you can make smart business decisions in the future.

Learn how and when to tag and segment your list so your subscribers always feel like you know exactly what they need...

Module 3: The Building Blocks of ConvertKit

In this module I go in depth into all the settings and features you need to know (aka, not the ones you don't need!) about tags, segments, forms, landing pages and sequences.

Module 4: Funnels and Flow

Building on your homework so far, this module we go into detail about how to map out your funnel(s) so you’re strategically guiding subscribers to exactly what you want them to do or see next.

After your funnel is mapped out on paper, we go into automation (both rules and the visual automation builder) to create all of your forms, sequences and funnels, so your subscribers flow through your account automatically.

By the end of Module 4 you’ll have implemented your rockstar ConvertKit setup and you’ll be starting to watch your subscribers beautifully flow through your account (and towards becoming a buyer or client!).

Module 5: Keeping Things Tidy and Cleaning Your List

Learn how to incorporate new opt-ins, funnels, programs, courses, etc. into your setup as you expand.

Develop a clear plan for keeping your account tidy so you’re not wasting time scrolling through redundant forms, tags, sequences and automations that are probably going to take your subscribers to dead ends.

Learn how to use ConvertKit to do live launches of new products and services.

Module 6: Broadcasts

Broadcasts (one off emails to your list or a segment of your list) have some seriously nifty, but seriously underused features. In this module you're going to become a broadcasts ninja.

Module 7: Launching

Learn how to use ConvertKit effectively to do live launches of new products and services, including nifty tricks and how to send more emails without getting a ton of unsubscribes!

Here’s how ConvertKit Rockstars DIY works:

  • Immediate access to the 7 modules so you can get started on creating and implementing your Rockstar setup straight away.
  • 6 months in ConvertKit Club (value: $120) so you can access my extensive library of ConvertKit trainings and as well get access to me in the private Facebook group to ask all your questions.
  • Bonus Resources:

- How to migrate to ConvertKit from another system
(if you’re moving to ConvertKit as you do the program, this is for you)

- How to switch from a mess in ConvertKit to your shiny new rockstar setup
(if you’ve got a bit of a mess in ConvertKit right now!)

- 11 simple funnel examples
(if your subscribers are signing up and never hear from you again)

- Newsletter Sequences
(should you be using a newsletter sequence instead of broadcasts?)

- Single vs. Double Opt-in and How to Stop Your Emails Going to Spam
(get my balanced advice and recommendations for making sure your emails reach your subscribers every time)

June 2019 Update: ConvertKit Rockstars was first run as a live group program in 2017. It was then turned into a self-study course in November 2017. I will be honest with you, some of the technical tranings are a little out-of-date (oh the perils of creating a course about a regularly updated tech tool!). However, the theory and overall gist is still solid, plus with 6 months in ConvertKit Club you get access to dozens of more recent trainings and my support in the private Facebook group. (Ask any ConvertKit Rockstar student... my support is where the magic is to untangle your ideas and streamline your setup!).

ConvertKit Rockstars will be getting a complete overhaul at some point in 2019. I'm going to re-record all the trainings and make other improvements to help you become a confident ConvertKit Rockstar more quickly. If you buy ConvertKit Rockstars now you'll get access to the updated version when that's released.

ConvertKit Rockstars doors are currently closed whilst I rejiggle things.

Please do sign up to the wait list below to be updated when doors reopen.

In the meantime, you will also receive my sporadic, super valuable newsletter type emails about all things ConvertKit and online business, including products and services I think you might like. You can unsubscribe any time. I will protect your details in accordance with my Privacy Policy.

  • Before ConvertKit Rockstars I really didn't have much of a strategy and my account was quite the mess.  I didn't really know when to use sequences vs. broadcasts or the best practices of email marketing.

    ConvertKit Rockstars has helped me clean up my account, get clarity on how best to reach my audience and lay out a game plan for my email funnels going forward. Lizzy, I want to thank you for helping me to see what's possible using ConvertKit. The biggest limiter in ConvertKit is the user, and it was fun to get an inside look at how Lizzy uses ConvertKit and then apply that to my business. With Lizzy, there's no second guessing or ‘maybe it will work’. She knows what you want to accomplish using CK then makes it happen fast!

    ConvertKit Rockstars is a no brainer. Definitely worth the investment. Lizzy overdelivered in a big way and really cared about helping us get results as quickly as possible.
    Name JJ Mayo Fuel for Endurance


I’m not very tech savvy, can I do ConvertKit Rockstars? +

As long as you’re committed to getting to grips with ConvertKit, and aren’t just going to give up at the first hurdle in a huff, then yes, you’ll be able to do ConvertKit Rockstars. ConvertKit is the easiest subscriber-centric email marketing system there is, but it’s a little different to ones you might have experienced before. As a result, it can take a little while for it to ‘click’. But it always does click. I’m a super patient teacher, and as long as you’re prepared to put in the work to understand this stuff, you will be able to do the tech stuff. (And you’ll feel like a total Rockstar when it works!). I can come up with endless metaphors for things, so I’m always happy to explain in a different way if you don’t understand the first time.

How much time is this going to take? +

ConvertKit Rockstars is a self-study course. You get immediate, lifetime access to everything so you can go at your own pace. Each video is anywhere between 2 - 20 mins. If you're creating your email marketing strategy from scratch and you've never used ConvertKit before, you'd want to set aside a a couple of 2-3 hour blocks to go through everything and start implementing. If you're more familiar with ConvertKit, you can dip in and out as you need.

To flip this question around though - how much time are you wasting by not totally knowing what you’re doing in ConvertKit and always figuring out how to set things up on the fly? This program is an investment of your time, but it’s going to be oh so worth it!

Why you? +

I was personally invited by ConvertKit to become one of the first 4 ConvertKit Certified Experts. I was the very first person to set up a ConvertKit services page. I was asked to become one of 2 ambassador/admins in the official ConvertKit facebook group. I spend all day, every day in and out of ConvertKit accounts, answering questions on facebook, working 1:1 with people (training, strategy and implementation). I’m totally pushing the boundary of what’s possible in ConvertKit. “What would you like to happen in an ideal world?” is my favourite question. There are other ConvertKit Certified Experts, yes, but for most of them ConvertKit is only one part of their business. For me, it’s my whole entire business.

How is this different to ConvertKit Club? +

Great question. The trainings in ConvertKit Club are mostly pretty technical, and not very theoretical or strategic. To make ConvertKit really work for you, you need to not only be able to implement technically, but you also need a solid strategy that is specific to YOUR business. That’s what ConvertKit Rockstars is all about. As you go through ConvertKit Rockstars you’re going to develop your own personal email marketing strategy, and have the immediate support to implement. You could be in ConvertKit Club for years, but that doesn’t mean you’re actually going to follow the trainings or set things up in an optimum way to support your business. Just imagine how good it’ll feel to be a ConvertKit Rockstar!

I need to be set up in ConvertKit yesterday, I don't have time to do this course! Help! +

I've created this self-study course to work at your own pace to get all the things in place that you need for a rockstar ConvertKit strategy and setup. This could absolutely be done in a weekend if you binge watch the trainings and get stuck in with the implementation. That said, if you'd like to only learn things 100% relevant for your business, or you don't want to do this as a self-study course, I'm happy to do that 1:1 with you (and also implement if you require help with that too). Please contact me.

What about the new visual automation builder? Do you cover that? +

ConvertKit Rockstars DIY includes training about the visual automation builder. These will be expanded over time as I develop my thinking around how best to incorporate the visual automation builder into rockstar ConvertKit setups.

I’ve been using ConvertKit for a while and have a ton of things set up, but it’s a bit of a mess, will ConvertKit Rockstars work for me? +

Oh yeah! Nothing makes me happier than helping people untangle messy ConvertKit setups and get it all shiny and organised so it’s working for them effectively. There’s a bonus training specifically for people who are moving from a messy setup to their ConvertKit Rockstar setup.

I’ve only got a very small list and my ConvertKit setup is super straightforward, is ConvertKit Rockstars for me? +

Firstly, please don’t have small list shame. The fact that you’re using ConvertKit tells me all I need to know about your commitment to email marketing. If you’re planning to grow your list and maximise turning those subscribers into buyers/clients, then ConvertKit Rockstars will definitely help you. Just because you can set up fancy things in ConvertKit doesn’t always mean you need to use every single feature right now. But knowing your options and making an informed decision for where your business is right now, and where you want it to be in the future, is the most powerful position to be in - which is what ConvertKit Rockstars will do for you.

I’m not yet using ConvertKit, can I do ConvertKit Rockstars? +

Absolutely! If you’re planning to move to ConvertKit from somewhere else, or you’re starting your list from scratch, and you want to hit the ground running - ConvertKit Rockstars is for you. There’s a bonus training specifically for people who are migrating from somewhere else. If you’re not sure if ConvertKit is a good fit for your business, I totally recommend you take my little quiz here.

I don’t understand ConvertKit at all. I’m thinking of moving to another system, is ConvertKit Rockstars for me? +

My ConvertKit teaching and approach has caused some people to fall in love with ConvertKit and brought them back from the brink of leaving! In terms of complexity, the alternative systems are much, much worse! If you’re thinking of leaving ConvertKit because you don’t understand it, ConvertKit Rockstars is a great choice for you.

I don’t yet have a business, is ConvertKit Rockstars for me? +

Probably not. If you’re just moving your offline business online for the first time, I’d recommend you focus on that (website, social media, etc) initially, and then when that’s all in place it’d be a great time to look at email marketing. Building your list is important, yes, but having solid business foundations is the priority for a new business.

I’m changing direction in my business or starting a new thing, is ConvertKit Rockstars for me? +

It depends. I wouldn’t recommend doing ConvertKit Rockstars alongside foundational tasks such as getting your website up and running, finding your first clients, etc. If those are in place, then you’re ready for ConvertKit Rockstars. If they’re not, then come back when they are 🙂

I’m pretty good at ConvertKit - I understand most of the features and I feel really confident with my setup, is ConvertKit Rockstars for me? +

It depends. If you want to solidify/improve the role of ConvertKit in your business, and the idea of a structured course to review everything from basics and general theory through to full implementation, taught by a ConvertKit Certified Expert (who is pushing the limits of what’s possible with ConvertKit) appeals to you, then yes, we’d love to have you! If you want to jump straight to the advanced strategies and features, I’d recommend you take a look at my 1:1 services.

I run a [insert business type here] business! Is ConvertKit Rockstars for me? +

I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of business owners in a wider variety of industries and business models than I ever imagined for an email system that markets itself exclusively to bloggers. I’m the best person to help you with your ConvertKit setup, no matter what your business. I know this because it’s what I do day in, day out. I’ve worked with service providers, information product creators, people who sell physical products, coaches, network marketing people, authors, dance school owners, people who run in-person events, teachers, RV lifestyle experts, and yes, bloggers. If you’re worried that your business is too ‘different’, please shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can chat about it. I bet you I have some innovative ideas about how you can use ConvertKit in your business. I always do 😉

Are you going to help me write my emails? +

I’m afraid copywriting is not my forte. Whilst there will be recommendations on what to put in emails you’re going to want to set up, I won’t be helping you with the actual words. I’m more of a ‘done is better than perfect’ kind of girl, so we’ll set things up during the program, and you always have the option to improve those emails later with the help of a copywriter. Even if a copywriter suggests a different structure of emails/funnel, you’ll have the knowledge and understanding of how to make those changes in the context of your rockstar ConvertKit setup.

Are you going to help me figure out my ‘sales funnel’ - I need one of those, right? +

Ack, ‘funnels’ is such a buzzword. All funnels do is take someone from not knowing about you, to knowing about you, to giving you their email address, to buying from you, to continue to buy from you. ‘Funnels + Flow’ is a module in ConvertKit Rockstars (the biggest module in fact), but it’s all about taking your subscribers on a sensible journey when they arrive in your account for the first time. There will definitely be funnel discussion because that’s going to be critical for your rockstar ConvertKit setup, and if you don’t know where to begin, there’s a bonus with an overview of a few standard funnel setups. (I’m pretty good at online business strategy, and you will have access to my brain for six weeks, so it’s a great opportunity to get my thoughts/suggestions!)

Do you have a refund policy? +

Yep! If you go through the content in ConvertKit Rockstars DIY and don't feel feel it was helpful or that you've learnt anything new, you can request a full refund within 2 weeks.

ConvertKit Rockstars doors are currently closed whilst I rejiggle things.

Please do sign up to the wait list below to be updated when doors reopen.

In the meantime, you will also receive my sporadic, super valuable newsletter type emails about all things ConvertKit and online business, including products and services I think you might like. You can unsubscribe any time. I will protect your details in accordance with my Privacy Policy.

A note on testimonials

Many testimonials on this page are from when I ran ConvertKit Rockstars as a 5-6 week group program. I dithered about removing all the comments relating to the level of support I provided, because this is now a self-study course, but if you're pro-active, you can get my brain on your business in the ConvertKit Club Facebook Group. I'm invested in the success of everyone who signs up for ConvertKit Rockstars DIY, even though this isn't a live group program.

  • Before ConvertKit Rockstars I felt pretty daunted about ConvertKit… I knew it should simple but I just kept going over things, reading a lot but not actually getting anything done! I knew I wanted an Evergreen Funnel but I had no clue how to do it as it just seemed beyond my capabilities.

    During ConvertKit Rockstars I realised that the welcome sequence I’d previously created was all wrong. I now actually have an evergreen sales funnel mapped out and I understand how the automation rules connect it all up. I just feel an amazing sense of accomplishment, knowing I can move forward very confidently with letting the world know about my course. I loved being gently guided through what I needed/wanted to set up, being shown how to create a flow diagram and then to actually link it all together with automations.  It was SO straightforward  and totally unscary.... I never thought I would be saying that!

    Lizzy knows SO much! Even though this was a group program, she still helped everyone individually to achieve their goals – it wasn’t a ‘teach it, implement this way, and then you’re good to go’. She was there all the time to help and support us if we got stuck with anything. You will not regret doing ConvertKit Rockstars!  You will learn so much, you have Lizzy there to support you and the whole scariness of ConvertKit is taken away.  If you have want to really make the best use of ConvertKit you need to understand all of its benefits and ConvertKit Rockstars is the perfect way to do that.

    I want to thank Lizzy massively for all her help and support – she has given me so much more confidence in launching my business now.  She is  so helpful, answering questions in the FB group almost day and night!  She just has a knack for interpreting/understanding questions as quite often we don't understand our needs ourselves!  The whole program has been great fun and massively beneficial so thank you so much.  Oh and after buying a huge number of courses designed to help me grow my business this is the only one I have actually finished!!
    Name Sue Ingram Easy Spoonfuls: Cooking Made Easy
  • Before doing ConvertKit Rockstars, my email strategy was ‘in the moment’ – i.e. what can I do for the time being to collect emails? It was not foresighted at all. I was following YouTube videos blindly with no direction. Basically, I had no strategy.

    Now I feel completely relieved. Lizzy was extremely systematic and methodical, not overwhelming. ConvertKit Rockstars was very comprehensive. Now I have a crystal clear strategy and direction. I’m no longer throwing darts in the dark, hoping things will happen. I have something tangible that I can apply to my business, it’s not just based on hope.

    My favourite part was creating a funnel drawing that’s not too rigid, and I can change if something changes in my business. Knowing that was very important to me as a newbie as my business and customers will evolve over time, and that was factored into the funnel class (Week 4). I also particularly loved how Lizzy was talking to us all one on one. She mentioned our names personally, kept on eye on where we were and checked if we needed any help. That was over and above what I expected. It had a small group coaching feeling.

    I’m so thankful I did this program, and I now feel like a ConvertKit Rockstar!
    Name Sunny Desai
  • Before ConvertKit Rockstars my account was a mess and not automated enough. Quite honestly, the monthly price (of ConvertKit) was getting to me a bit and I was worried I wasn’t getting enough value. I was sending quite a lot of emails, but I didn’t have a solid welcome sequence or funnel in place.

    Now I have my funnel outlined – where my subscribers are coming from (both free and paid) and where I offer them challenges and training sessions. Now my business is making use of ConvertKit more than just sending out broadcasts. Despite having had ConvertKit for 6 months, I wasn’t really aware of a lot of things you could do with the system, so I learnt a lot of new techy bits.

    I appreciated Lizzy’s extra help, from creating videos to explain things, to answering questions in depth during the week in the group. She gave out help with more than Just ConvertKit which was helpful – I didn’t know how knowledgeable she was!

    If you really want to learn how to get the most out of ConvertKit, then do ConvertKit Rockstars. You’ll end up with a good sales funnel, more automation, and a system in place that works for you.
    Name Sue Fleckenstein Buy PLR Today
  • I really like the whole concept of ConvertKit and how it handles subscribers but I was overwhelmed by options without really understanding how to start using it effectively.

    Lizzy’s teaching style is the best part and the reason I signed up. She’s always been very accessible and clear on posts and videos. Your departures from ConvertKit process illustrate that she really understands the software and has used it enough to have discovered a better way. Seeing the process tied together into a whole was helpful.

    If you are confused about how all the pieces of ConvertKit fit together, this is the program to take. Lizzy explains the tools and offers tips based on real-world experience in a clever, engaging way.
    Name Paul Einarsen Blue Water Imaging
  • If you’re considering ConvertKit Rockstars, don't hesitate.  Before joining ConvertKit Rockstars I was overwhelmed, but Lizzy will not only help you with understanding ConvertKit but also with your whole online funnel too. The 1:1 call was by far the most clarifying part of the process for me. I’d been stuck for quite a while and I was able to gain so much clarity during our 1:1 call.
    Name Barbara Woods
  • I now feel comfortable doing more advanced "tricks" in Convertkit and know exactly where to put forms on my website to get more sign ups. I also have tons of resources to help me going forward. The 1:1 call in ConvertKit Rockstars was especially helpful. I needed to be able to hash out my specific issues related to my website. It was great to be able to brainstorm with Lizzy how to make ConvertKit work best for me. I also love that you posted answers to my questions in the group so everyone can learn from the issues. I saw answers to other people that fixed issues I didn't even know I had!
    Name Ash Kennedy Attitude of Wellness
  • Before working with Lizzy I felt optimistic about the possibilities of ConvertKit, but confused and overwhelmed about where to start. Lizzy knows her stuff! She is warm, fun, friendly, helpful and efficient. She is on top of everything I needed to know to get set up with ConverKit. Working with Lizzy has saved me countless hours - probably days - of spinning my wheels and getting stressed and wondering if I was doing it right anyway!? Lizzy explains things better than the ConvertKit website!
    Name Julie & Marc Bennett RV Love
  • I would recommend working with Lizzy to anyone using or interested in ConvertKit - either wanting help setting it up or mastering the more advanced parts of it. I think I can say it's unlikely there's a question she can't answer! I learned things I didn't even know I could know! I wish I'd come to her right at the start because she knows the ins and outs of everything ConvertKit and explains things so well. Even the techy stuff that I'm not too sure about I felt like I had a grasp on after working with Lizzy.
    Name Claire Cameron Claire K Creations
  • Before working with Lizzy I knew that I wasn't optimising ConvertKit’s potential (for the money I was paying each month) and still found it all quite confusing. But now I’m more confident, with greater clarity in the areas I need to focus on. I’m hugely grateful for the way she presented things so clearly and concisely, and covered all the bases.
    Name Jo Hodson Including Cake
  • Lizzy is a ConvertKit genius! I’ve been using ConvertKit for several months, and had set everything up myself, which was not necessarily a good thing. I wasn’t very happy with the forms I had created, and Lizzy was able to show me how to integrate simple and beautiful forms into my landing pages, making everything both seamless and pretty. She’s super knowledgeable, as well as being a clear communicator with a speedy response time. I highly recommend Lizzy for all your ConvertKit and other online tech needs. She’s fabulous.
    Name Holly Worton Business Mindset Alchemist
  • Elizabeth is a wizard. I got more accomplished with her in one hour than I would have in an entire day on my own. She showed me new features inside ConvertKit that I never even knew were there. Best of all, she got my funnels up and running and my account fully optimized. She’s patient, wonderfully clear and concise in her directives, and knows her stuff, inside and out. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to work with Elizabeth, don’t hesitate. I for sure will be booking another session soon!
    Name Jen Lehner Jen Lehner Media, LLC
  • If you need to know anything about ConvertKit, Lizzy is your woman. She is a font of knowledge and is always ready and willing to help. I hired Lizzy to migrate my email from Mailchimp to ConvertKit and she made the whole thing easy and seamless. She’s always happy to answer any questions and is a true pro when it comes to ConvertKit. Thanks Lizzy!
    Name Dina Behrman Fame Business Coach
  • I had gone through the ConvertKit training material and tinkered around with the system for a week but I was overwhelmed and unsure if I set everything up correctly. So I hired Lizzy to verify what I had done, fix my errors and show me some additional tips and tricks. I had set up the automation rules incorrectly and she helped me set them up correctly. We went through each setting to assure that the email funnel was set up perfectly. I didn’t see ConvertKit’s true potential until she showed me what’s really under the hood of this great tool. I finally feel confident having set up my email structure correctly this time so that I can focus on what I do best. Thank you!
    Name Cha~zay, Ph.D., C.H. Core Freedom
  • Calm, open, quick and really friendly. Lizzy helped me big time with a ConvertKit issue I had and got me sorted within minutes. ConvertKit Certified and quick to share her knowledge. She knows what she is doing. Patient and tolerant.
    Lizzy cut through my issue in seconds, checked it out and gave me more information than I anticipated without asking. Would highly recommend.
    Name Heather Love
  • I reached out to Lizzy for help with putting together a complex behind-the-scenes automated system for my business, beyond just a single sales funnel. I wanted to be able to segment my list and send customized messaging to different groups, based on their skill level and which classes they’ve already taken with me. I knew it was possible with ConvertKit – that’s why I switched – but beyond the technical aspects I didn’t know how to set it up logistically for maximum impact. Before our chat, it seemed like a jumbled mess and a spider web of possibilities all tangled up in my mind. After a single strategy session with Lizzy, I feel clear about what I need to do and confident enough to move forward after many months of feeling stuck in the mud. I only wish I’d found her sooner!
    Name Jessica Barst JewelryTutorialHQ.com

ConvertKit Rockstars doors are currently closed whilst I rejiggle things.

Please do sign up to the wait list below to be updated when doors reopen.

In the meantime, you will also receive my sporadic, super valuable newsletter type emails about all things ConvertKit and online business, including products and services I think you might like. You can unsubscribe any time. I will protect your details in accordance with my Privacy Policy.