I no longer offer 1:1 ConvertKit calls or services.

ConvertKit 1:1 Training/Strategy Call

1:1 ConvertKit training/strategy calls are one of my absolute fave things to do.

Do you know how much we can cover when we're focusing on just your business and precisely what you need to know and want to set up? Loads, my friend. Loads.

On these calls we can cover:

  • Sales funnels
  • Custom email templates
  • Link trigger automations
  • ConvertKit's most underused but super nifty features
  • Launch strategy/setups
  • Tagging and organising subscribers
  • Automation, automation, automation!
  • Forms – making them look pretty, getting them to display right, etc
  • Sequences – why aren't they sending properly?!
  • “So because you've ticked that little checkbox there, this totally unwanted thing is happening, and here's why.
  • and much more.

My 1:1 ConvertKit training/strategy calls combines my extensive ConvertKit experience (seriously, there’s probably no-one who doesn’t work at ConvertKit who’s clocked up more hours inside ConvertKit than me – we're talking 100s of accounts), my endless desire to simplify, and my unwavering belief that everyone can get to grips with ConvertKit when a couple of things ‘click’ into place.

An hour with me is going to completely change email marketing in your business.

You’ll be able to get on with the real business stuff knowing ConvertKit’s got your email marketing automation back.

My fave part of these calls? “Ohhhh! I understand! That's so clever!“. Literally, I live for the beautiful moment when it all clicks and ConvertKit suddenly switches from being a system of frustration and tech tears, to one full of shiny, unlimited potential.

Don't get me wrong, I also love helping people in a group format (*cough*ConvertKit Club*cough*), but there's just something so efficient about 1:1.

Here’s what’s included:

  • I have a little look around your account ahead of our call so that we can make the very most of our time together.
  • A whole hour 1:1 training/strategy call on Zoom where we screenshare. It's a mixture of training, strategy, simplifying, clever setups, implementation + more!
  • A recording of the call so you don't have to take a bunch of notes.
  • The opportunity to ask any additional follow up questions via email.



Want in? Here’s what to do next:

Awesome! Click the button below and you'll be able to book your call (Acuity will handle timezones for you – yay!), give me all the info I need and pay. If you need to reschedule nearer the time, that's not a problem – you'll be able to do that 🙂

Can't wait to help you be a total pro at ConvertKit and email marketing!

Looking for something else or want longer? You can learn more about my other ConvertKit services and half-day sessions here.

Any questions? Sure thing. Contact me.

Lizzy knows her shit.

Andrew Hellmich

Photographer, PhotobizX

I knew for a LONG time I wanted to work with you because you are the expert when it comes to ConvertKit. I read your blog for a long time and you always gave me such helpful advice in the the ConvertKit Facebook group. So I knew when I was ready, that I wanted to work with you. I'd recommend your services to experienced entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their businesses.

After our session I feel confident, clear, organized and efficient. It was so much fun! You made ConvertKit more digestible and I appreciated how you had specific resources ready for us elsewhere so we could make the most of our time. Also your attitude and humor make the experience great too.

Melody Wilding

Melody Wilding LMSW

I am very confident working in ConvertKit but I was stuck on some automations and just needed an expert to walk me through the questions I had. Lizzy is an amazing instructor and exceptionally knowledgeable about ConvertKit. She enabled me to pick up the knowledge I was lacking around automations in a matter of minutes. She's remarkable at what she does. Thank you, Lizzy!

Reese Ben-Yaacov

I wasn't sure if our one-hour phone call would move me forward with I needed to do and learn to implement with ConvertKit but I would now recommend Elizabeth to anyone who wants to work with a consultant who will:

  1. take the time to preview your needs prior to the call
  2. implement her constructive suggestions quickly during the call
  3. follow up with an email that has the links regarding what you did during the call so that you can implement the learning on your own
  4. provide the opportunity to work together again if needed.

After this experience, I feel motivated and excited to dig deeper into what ConverKit can do to build my email list, which was my #1 goal for the call. I also look forward to working with Elizabeth on the next round of ideas! 🙂

Susan Burlingame

Best Selling Author: Kick-Ass Corporate Wife

Elizabeth is a wizard. I got more accomplished with her in one hour than I would have in an entire day on my own. She showed me new features inside ConvertKit that I never even knew were there. Best of all, she got my funnels up and running and my account fully optimized. She’s patient, wonderfully clear and concise in her directives, and knows her stuff, inside and out. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to work with Elizabeth, don’t hesitate. I for sure will be booking another session soon!

Jen Lehner

Jen Lehner Media, LLC

you. are. awesome. This is exactly what I was hoping to gain from our conversation!

Rachel Coley

CanDo Kiddo

Before working with Lizzy I knew that I wasn't optimising ConvertKit’s potential (for the money I was paying each month) and still found it all quite confusing. But now I’m more confident, with greater clarity in the areas I need to focus on. I’m hugely grateful for the way she presented things so clearly and concisely, and covered all the bases.

Jo Hodson

Including Cake

After much frustration I decided to hire Lizzy for a one hour consult. She did not disappoint! I know that what she taught me in that 1 hour would have literally taken me MONTHS to figure out on my own. She saved me an insane amount of time and I am so, so happy I paid the money to learn all that I needed to know, and more! Thank you Lizzy. You are definitely my go-to lady when it comes to ConvertKit.

Tara Thorne

Registered Nutritionist

Before working with Lizzy I felt optimistic about the possibilities of ConvertKit, but confused and overwhelmed about where to start. Lizzy knows her stuff! She is warm, fun, friendly, helpful and efficient. She is on top of everything I needed to know to get set up with ConverKit. Working with Lizzy has saved me countless hours – probably days – of spinning my wheels and getting stressed and wondering if I was doing it right anyway!? Lizzy explains things better than the ConvertKit website!

Julie & Marc Bennett

RV Love