Collective Momentum

A 7 week hybrid intensive experience for 10-15 online business owners
to accomplish more (and make more!) than ever before.

  • Want to launch a new thing without spending months and months planning and creating?
  • Want to restructure your business so you’re really focusing on the money-making activities that light you up?
  • Want to raise your rates gracefully without losing all your clients?
  • Want to diversify your income streams so your business feels less precarious?
  • Want to put some serious boundaries in place and stop being pushed around by clients?
  • Want to step up and position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry?

Whatever the big goal is, I invite you to join me for the most productive, freeing and fun 7 weeks of your business’ life so far. This is not ‘business as usual’.

A 60 min 1:1 session with me so we can map out exactly what you want to boss right out the gates in 2018.

So you can tap into the unique insights and experiences of business owners who really ‘get’ what you’re going through.

So you can get unstuck and moving again asap.

This group is purposefully small so there’s nowhere to hide in the background. If I don’t hear from you for a couple of days, I will be checking in on you.

Together we’ll come up with creative and innovative ways to structure your business, market your stuff, and dream up things to sell that you can barely sleep you’re so excited to start telling people about.

You probably didn’t start your business to be elbow deep in tech systems, but many business coaches and strategists leave you hanging on this part. Even if you’re a self-proclaimed technophobe, I keep things simple and never suggest you do something that I can’t actually help you do.

Full speed ahead to a business that feels as good inside, as it looks on the outside!

Having worked with (probably) 100s of business owners, and having invested $10,000s in my own business education, development and coaching, I’ve got a pretty good idea at this point about what works, and what doesn’t work; what drives you forward to become a bigger and better version of yourself; and what leaves you full of inaction and regret.

I’ve designed Collective Momentum to be an immersive, intimate and intensive experience for 10 online business owners who know that they’re capable of so much more than their current reality but always get bogged down in the day to day humdrum-ness of running their business.

Do not underestimate what’s possible for you in 2 months.

When you’re clear, aligned and supported – you can go from idea to (successful) launch in days. All the best things I’ve done in my business have happened fast – “idea in the shower to 3 hours later and I’m still wrapped in my towel but the sales page is done” kinda fast.

And once you’ve found your groove in business, the traction (or some might say momentum 😉 ) then you start to pick up speed. The ball starts rolling more easily. You find yourself more frequently in flow. Next thing you know? You’re unstoppable.

I want you to pause for a moment and think about your 2018 goals. What would you love to achieve in 2018? Restructure your business to do less 1:1? Create your first course? Double your rates? Streamline your systems and automate the shit out of things? Diversify your income streams? Increase your minimum monthly income? Create consistent content (blogs, videos, etc)?

Whatever it is – you can do that in the first 2 months of 2018.

Collective Momentum is all about achieving your goals faster because you’ve got the right strategy, support and focus.

There’s lots of group coaching programs and masterminds available right now, but many of them are 10 – 12 months long. It doesn’t need to take that long for you to get where you want to go. If you’ve got the right personality type, sure, you can achieve a ton of things in a year, but in my experience, it’s hard to focus on one thing for that long. We either burn out, or we procrastinate for months. You won’t do either in the 2 months of Collective Momentum.

So, you can work on whatever you want in Collective Momentum (we’ll really nail it down in our 60 min 1:1 call). Then you’ve got my support to course-correct as you make that plan a reality. Once you know where you’re trying to go, I can tell you the exact decisions and the exact steps you need to take this week to get there.

Your main 2018 goal, done.

Imagine how that will feel. What’s next for the future version of you who’s already achieved that goal?

How does Collective Momentum work?

  • 8th January - 25th February 2018
  • A kick off 60 min 1:1 call with me where we map out in detail what you’re going to be working on. Your 1:1 call will take place between 4th - 12th January.
  • 10-15 online business owners committed to shaking things up
  • 3 x 2 hour group strategy/coaching calls - you’ll have the opportunity to chat with me on each of these about what’s going on for you so I can get you moving again. This will be a little bit of ‘course-correcting’ based on what you’re working on from our 1:1 call together.
  • Private Facebook Group that I’ll be in as a priority every day to answer your specific questions.
  • 3 month membership in Get Shit Done Club ($60) - 2 co-working sessions a month and a tech tutorial library
  • Tech troubleshooting support - don’t let tech woes hold you up. Post in our private Facebook group with the exact tech issue that’s holding you back and I’ll get you moving again asap with an answer or tech tutorial video!
  • Fun surprises!



3 x $220 (monthly)

If $600 is an inconceivable amount for you right now but you just know you've got to somehow do this,
please do email me as I'm able to offer some partial/full scholarships.

Next Steps

If you would like to join Collective Momentum and have a life + business changing 2 months to kickstart your 2018, I invite you to fill in the (very short) interest form below. This is to make sure that I'm definitely going to be able to support you to achieve your goals and you're a good fit for this program.

Please note that by filling in the form you are in no way committed to joining - it's like an interest/application form.

Interest/Application Form


What time are the group calls?

7pm UK / 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific

Thursday, 18th January
Wednesday, 31st January
Friday, 16th February

All calls will be recorded and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions in advance or any time during the program in the Facebook group if you can’t attend live.

How much time is this going to take?

A few hours a week for the calls and implementation time. You’re an adult. You know how this works – the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

What topics are covered in Collective Momentum?

There’s no set curriculum or anything. We’re going to be customising this 7 week experience for you on our kickoff 1:1 call.

Does Collective Momentum include 1:1 time with you?

Yep - a whole 60 min 1:1 intensive session together where we’ll map out exactly what you’re going to be working on for the rest of Collective Momentum. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to speak with me on the group coaching calls, and I’ll be in the Facebook group every day. There is also the option to book additional 1:1 calls with me at a special rate if you feel these are required.

I’m brand new to business, is this a good fit?

Unfortunately not. Collective Momentum is for those who have had at least a couple of clients/customers in their business. I anticipate most participants will have been in their current business 6 months to 2 years.