What do Marie Kondo, Danielle LaPorte and the dude that created Zumba have in common?


(And I don’t mean in the mad geneticist kinda way! 😉)

They each licensed their signature ‘thing’ for other professionals to use.

👘 Marie Kondo created her unique KonMari style of home organising then licensed that system to others to create official KonMari Consultants 

💓 Danielle LaPorte licensed out her Desire Map work so that workshops could be run around the world by her official Desire Map Facilitators.

💃 Alberto Perez developed his fitness classes to latin-based dance music, called it Zumba and now has a network of thousands of official Zumba instructors around the world and his company is worth millions.


They got huge BECAUSE they licensed their work for others to use. 

Zumba did not become a global phenomenon from ONE guy teaching classes in one town, right? RIGHT. 


YOU are a smart human with a service-based business. 

You already have various ways that you sell your skills to others:

Coaching programs 
Workshops or classes 
Membership sites or online courses 
Some kind of alternative therapy 
Or maybe you have a brilliant idea for a new system or process that you want to teach others how to do in their businesses 

One thing is for sure. You’re NOT a newbie. 

“This ain’t your first rodeo” (as we don’t say here in England). 

You’ve spent time crafting your own unique ‘system’; something methodical that you want others in your field to benefit from. 

Maybe something so amazing as to change the shape of your industry forever

You know that your work is valuable but even with digital products you can’t reach everyone. And that sucks.

You’ve gone as far as you can on your own and you’re stuck at a business plateau. 

Sometimes you wish you could clone yourself, right

Imagine that, a global ‘army’ of YOU clones around the world using YOUR signature system (or class or concept) to help others. 

Your very own BUSINESS SQUAD.

This is the next level. 

It’s time to CloneYOU®.


CloneYOU® is a comprehensive, fluff-free 6-module course that takes you through all the steps to creating your own program to train others to do [your thing*] as a licensed practitioner / instructor of [your thing*]. 

You can launch your network of licensed facilitators in as little as 6 weeks!

*Fill in [your thing] with the name of your thing!

Immediate access to all 6 CloneYOU® video lessons with closed captions 
6 x CloneYOU® workbooks
6 x pre-recorded Q&As with Star Khechara 
Bonus Guest Expert Module: International Trademarking (without lawyers)
The option to download the lessons to your fave podcast app and listen on the go.
Lifetime access to the course and any future updates.
Invite to my private client/student Facebook group, Team EBG's Party Pad



Get all your quacking ducks in a row by mapping it all out. I’ll guide you through the process of choosing the following: 

Your system
The different formats
Ideal licensees
Pricing & fee models 
Your branding 
Professional title for your licensees
(i.e. ‘xyz practitioner’ or ‘xyz instructor’ ‘facilitator’ etc) 


I’ll make it easier for you to create your training format, modules, materials and testing processes. This stuff is super important to get right as you don’t just want anyone pimping your brand – you must put them through training, test them and certify them (don’t panic, I’ll make it super simple) 

Passive vs. active training 
Your training format 

Your materials
Testing your licensees 
Certificates of completion 


I know legal stuff sounds super-boring but it’s essential. When you license YOUR content (your Intellectual Property) you want everything locked down with regards to what your licensees can use, sell, say and promote. You also want to make sure they’re legally covered to even do ‘your thing’. Again, I’ll make this super simple so don’t worry. 

Licensing and IP 


You need somewhere for your licensees to ‘belong’. You can train them, give them your content and left them fly the nest BUT it’s important you have a way to keep them in the loop with what’s new in your industry etc. It also looks good on YOU when you have a database of practitioners around the world – we’ll get this sorted out too. 

Your membership area
Updates to your program
Creating a searchable database of your practitioners 
Facebook groups
Refresher training / CPD 


This isn’t always essential but it’s good to be aware of all the ways you can gain more recognition and professional standing for you and your licensees. The more accreditation / accolades = more money you can charge to your licensees. 

Professional memberships
CPD points 


This is all about making impact with your brand. We’ll dive into all the ways your licensees can act like ‘brand ambassadors’ for your work. 

Web badges 

Graduate graphics 
Social media (Facebook/LinkedIn bios)
Scaling up further 


Because you’re too smart for your own small sphere of existence. 

Even if you have digital products you’re still selling to one person at a time. 

There are only so many course sales one can make with the hustle hours we’re given!

If you coach, there’s only so many clients you can help – even in group programs.

If you teach classes, there’s only so many classes and so many attendees you can manage.

When you create your band of licensed facilitators you get to make more money and have more impact.

Your brand can go global. 
You can make money from your content even when you’re not using it
You have your own network of passionate people doing YOUR thing in the world and gladly paying you for the privilege. 
You get to help so many more people with your work, via the reach of your licensees 

Seriously, what’s not to like?!


When Hannah first went to Star with her idea for a unique brand of dance fitness to rock & metal music she instantly knew this could be as big as Zumba. 

Star told Hannah that there’s no way she could keep up with the demand once word got out and that she’d need her own network of trained RockFit instructors around the UK (and the world!). 

Hannah now has 25 instructors covering the major cities in the UK and is now heading to take over America. 

She even has RockFit branded merchandise for her instructors too (another smart monetisation move 😉). 

Hannah was still in the early stages of setting up the business when Star suggested licensing her fitness classes to others. You don’t need to be slogging away for years before you take this step.

Rock on Hannah! 


Star Khechara

Elizabeth Goddard

CloneYOU® was created by Star Khecharaan award-winning business mentor and author who built 2 thriving online ecourse-based businesses and sold them. She's created 3 ‘licensed practitioner’ programs in 2 separate businesses (one skincare related and one in the nutrition field).

When Star approached me (Elizabeth Goddard) in early 2022 about potentially buying the exclusive/sole rights to the course, I leapt at the opportunity. And so here we are.

The entire course is taught by Star (don't worry, she has a lovely British accent too 😅), but it now 'belongs' to me and lives happily in my vast collection of course and trainings



(or 4 monthly payments of $127)


Refund Policy: If you sign up, take a proper look through the course, and you’re just like, “oh god, I can’t see any way to make this work for my business!” then I’ll happily refund you in full as long as you let me know within 14 days.


Is this a 'how to create a certification program' course?

Yes, and.

It issss, but not like some certifications you see where people are basically teaching something and then 'certifying' people as a glorified way to say they did the course. You can absolutely do that as a result of implementing CloneYOU®, but the real magic is in teaching and licensing people to do your trademarked thing in your way. ✨

Example #1: It's not like teaching people a bunch of launch strategies and certifying them as a launch strategist. It's teaching them your tried and tested launch strategy and them being licensed to do that type of launch with clients who specifically want to work with your launch strategy.

Example #2: It's not teaching and then certifying people in a general energy healing modality like Reiki, it's teaching them your unique, specific, trademarked energy healing modality which they are allowed to use with their clients, but they have to do it your way and still call it by your trademarked name.

You're not training/certifying people to do the general thing you do, but the specific, unique, trademarked thing you do.

People can't just incorporate what they've learnt into their business (if you don't want them to). They have to be stating that they're 'doing' your specific, trademarked process/framework/modality/etc which they're certified/licensed/accredited to use. This grows your brand and reputation like woah.

This is particularly magical if you're getting booked up and burned out. You can create a program so other people can do what you do, in the way that you do it. Your 'clones' are a true substitute for you, not just some randoms you shared some vague training on that they've then made their own (with no credit to you!)

Is this just for UK businesses or does it apply internationally?

CloneYOU® has been created from a UK business perspective for an international audience. Any specifics are UK-based, but the overwhelming majority applies internationally. Obviously the course doesn't include any legal advice and you will need to check with legal professionals in your country.

Oh, and there's a whole bonus guest expert training on 'International Trademarking (without lawyers)' - so that one is obvs relevant everywhere 🎉

Also, there aren't a ton of courses out there that teach this stuff... and definitely not at this price point... sooo.... if you get value from the 94% that's universally relevant... I think that you'd be majorly winning, no? 🤷‍♀️😉

What's the course format?

The main lessons are Star talking over slides (don't worry, she has a lovely British accent too!).

The pre-recorded Q&As were Facebook Lives.

And the bonus guest expert module is in a Zoom interview format.

Plus there's a private podcast feed of everything so you can listen on the go.

There are some screenshare tutorials in the main lessons, which I do plan to chop out so the main training is separate to tutorials.

My question isn’t here...

Ack, you got me! Leave me a message in the chat box (bottom right) and I'll get back to you asap!

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