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I've had live chat on my site for a couple of years, and I can directly attribute $1000s to chats I've had with strangers, fence sitters and long term clients. And that's just the chats I'm aware of the correlation between the chat and sale!

And it's not just me…

Chatra live chat review

Chatra live chat review

I think live chat on your site is essential if you're launching. I feel like you're straight up leaving money on the table if you don't… all those people on your sales page who have small questions… but emailing you would be such effort…

Here's what one of my clients said…

I’m so so happy I took your advice and added live chat on my site! I just had a launch and I added Chatra halfway through – I received messages from 30 people in 4 days!

But then after doors close, why would you take it off?!

What sorts of questions do I get?

I will be honest with you, the number one question I get asked on my live chat, Chatra

“Is that really you? Are you really there?”


Yes, it's really me. I'm really here. How can I help you?

  • (on my main ConvertKit page) “I'm considering ConvertKit but I have a few questions about it, and I also spotted your affiliate bonus…”
    “Sure! I love to help people decide if ConvertKit is a good fit for them. And yep, my affiliate bonuses really are the best around!”
  • (on my ConvertKit List Clean blog post) “Can I just hire you to do this for me?!”
    “Yep, absolutely! Here's the link to enquire about working with me 1:1”
  • (on a checkout page) “Can I pay via PayPal?”
    “Sure, here's the different link you'll need!”
  • (on a purchase thank you page) “Super excited to have signed up! I don't seem to have received my logins though…”
    “Hmm, it looks like you had a slight typo in your email address, let me fix that for you”
  • (on a blog post) “This blog post is super helpful, but I was wondering how it would translate to ______”
    “I love helping people put my trainings into action. Could you tell me a little more about your specific situation?”
  • (inside ConvertKit Club on Teachable) “I know I saw a training about X, but I can't find it anywhere now… do you know the one I mean?!”
    “I sure do, here's the link you're looking for”
  • (on an unrelated blog post) “I was wondering if you have any resources about X…?”
    “I do! Here's a link. Please do let me know if you have any other or more specific Qs though!”
  • (on my homepage) “Uh, I was recommended you by Poppy. I'm looking for some help migrating to ConvertKit – is that something you do?”
    “It sure is! Here's a link to learn more about my 1:1 services, and the enquiry form too.”

What do all of these questions have in common??

They all allow me to help people directly, quickly, and with a personal connection/touch. 

It doesn't matter what ‘stage' our relationship is at… they could have literally just stumbled onto my website from Google, or they could be a long term fan/customer… but the ability for my audience to speak with me and get the help they need… that stands out in an increasingly automated world!

Other Questions I Get Asked About Live Chat

Is this different to a messenger bot?
Yeah, it is. Messenger bots are Facebook things. With bots, the person will be communicating with you through their Facebook account/messenger. They're kinda more like an email list in that you can send out messages to everyone ‘subscribed' to your bot.
Live chat is more of a standalone live chat/message service that's totally done on your site/through your live chat system. Read on to learn more about why I love Chatra specifically!

Is there any point if I'm not online much?
Yes! I go days where I'm not ‘online' at all. I still get lots of messages through my chat box as it's much easier for people to contact me on the page they're on without them having to faff about finding the Contact page.

How do I know if I have a chat?
You'll get a noise notification. You can also download the app and get the notification on your phone too.

This isn't scalable…
No, it's not super scalable, but I've found that the personal touch of a live chat super impresses people and the time spent has a much higher financial ROI than most other things I could be doing in my business.

Can I see it in action?
Yep – click the button in the bottom right corner of this screen. If I'm online right now it'll say, otherwise it will send me a message and I'll reply soon. If you just want to test it, please tell me your favourite animal.

Chatra Review

11 Reasons Why I'm Obsessed With Chatra Specifically

? 1. It's got a Free Forever plan

When you first sign up for Chatra, you'll get a 10 day free trial of the Paid plan, but after that you can continue to use it for free on their Free Forever plan! (But scroll on down to see why I love some of the Paid features… you might just want to stick around on that Paid plan…)

? 2. The user interface is beautiful

It's not super important how a tech tool looks in the grand scheme of things, but it sure is nice when everything is clean and pretty.

? 3. There's a mobile app

I can't tell you how many times I've wandered away from my computer, accidentally forgot to turn myself ‘offline', and I've had a notification on my phone that someone's chatting on my site. Total lifesaver. I can super easily respond on my phone from the Chatra app.

? 4. I can have Chatra (pretty much) everywhere in my business

I have Chatra embedded in 3 main places:

? 5. It was all set up in about 10 mins and successfully had my first chat ?


? 6. It automatically changes me to offline if I don't reply in a certain time period

The live chat tool I used before Chatra didn't do this. If I forgot to change myself to offline, people just wouldn't get a reply from me and it wasn't a great experience for my visitors ? Thankfully Chatra solves this as I have the option to automatically turn myself offline if I don't reply to a chat within a certain time frame. (Oh, and it also tells the person trying to chat with me that I'll follow up later via email – phew).

? 7. Chats and messages I receive whilst I'm offline get sent to my email and I can just hit reply

I get very few messages through my Contact page these days. The vast majority come through my Chatra box – both when I'm online and offline. It makes sense though, it's infinitely easy to click the button in the corner of the page you're on, than it is to go and find a whole other page. Anyway, when people leave me messages when I'm offline, they're sent neatly to my inbox and I can just hit reply and help them. (The live chat tool I used previously wasn't quite as straightforward, I had to copy/paste their email address into the recipient field – womp womp)

(The following features you need a Paid plan for, but at $19 a month it's less than some other chat tools, and I think well worth it!)

? 8. I love, love, love watching people wander around my site

I can see people currently on my site(s) – where they're from, which pages they've been on, how long they've been on those pages, if we've chatted in the past, and more! It's fascinating to watch people click around and engage with stuff. It also gives them cute colour names! ?

? 9. I can see what someone is typing before they hit send

Okay, this is super creepy but super helpful. Basically, if they're writing out some long reply to you, you can see what they're typing as they type it… and start to prepare your reply. ⚠️ Warning: Make sure you don't reply to something they haven't yet sent you! It really creeps them out and then you'll have to explain that you can see ?

? 10. You can ask people if they want to join your email list (and I find over 90% of people say yes – yay for new subscribers!)

With a couple of clicks, when people first start chatting with you, you can give them the option to check a box to join your list. The vast majority of people check the box… and most of them weren't previously on my list. I'm not saying it's a flood of new subscribers, but every little helps!

A Chatra Review

? 11. I can integrate with my Facebook Page messages

I don't know about you, but I'm the worst at checking/replying to Facebook Page messages. I don't seem to always get the notifications? Anyway, it can all be integrated with Chatra so you can receive and reply to Facebook Page messages right inside the app with all your other chats!

Did this Chatra review help?  Ready to get Chatra live chat installed on your site and start wowing your audience and customers?

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