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I was first introduced to BriteVerify in a ConvertKit Certified Experts training session on deliverability.

I also wrote about the tool in my blog post: How to Clean Your ConvertKit List (The Unscary Way!).

Basically, if you've got a bunch of scammy or dud email addresses on your list, you're paying for those subscribers, even though no-one is actually getting the emails. It also reduces open rates and can harm the deliverability of other emails you send to your much loved real subscribers.

I've recorded a quick video for you to show just how easy it is to deal use BriteVerify, and what to do once you've got the information:

I know the video stops rather abruptly, without returning to the ‘Risky Emails' section.

Here's what I recommend:

Unknown: Leave on your list.
Accept All: Leave on your list.
Disposable: Delete, but double check first how engaged they've been by clicking into the subscriber profile bit of a few of them and looking at the Email History section. You can hover over the circles next to the emails sent and see if they were opened, clicked, failed, etc.
Role Address: Leave on your list.


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Added: September 2018: Someone asked me if you can run just your Cold Subscribers through BriteVerify… and I think that's a pretty good idea!