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If you’ve been around me for a while, you’ve probably heard me talking about Amanda Frances and the various ways I’ve worked with her. 

In 2018 I was in Amanda Frances‘ mastermind that cost $20,000 (I know! I’ll get to that shortly!). But I also paid $2,000 in January 2019 to have a VIP dinner with her whilst she was in London (yes, just dinner!).  It was magical, of course – but how cool to be able to have people to gladly pay to have dinner with you?!

Since working with Amanda, I’ve felt lots of significant shifts in the way that I work and the way that I feel about money in my business and my life more generally. 

Before I dive into specifically talking about Amanda’s Money Mentality Makeover course, I want to tell you how I was first introduced to her and the different capacities in which I’ve worked with her over the recent years.

Working with Amanda Frances

I originally came across Amanda Frances many years ago on recommendation from a biz buddy. I joined her free Facebook group, The Spiritual Bad-Ass Boss Lady (I’m really not keen on the name but that’s not the point here!), and didn’t think much more of it.

And then somehow, in mid 2017 I signed up, fairly spontaneously, for her Money Mentality Makeover course (more on the course itself later). At the time, I didn’t really do much with the course. I watched the first couple of videos but didn’t “work through” the course materials. 

In 2018, I put it out into the Universe that I was in the market for a group program or mastermind that would really stretch and push me. I’d previously invested in a number of courses, programs and masterminds but I wanted something where I was going to be in the “lower 25%” of the group – something that was going to make me feel uncomfortable. 

Shortly after I put this out into the Universe, I saw Amanda’s announcement in The Spiritual Bad-Ass Boss Lady Facebook group that she was about to start a 6-month mastermind. Amanda had previously offered shorter masterminds/group programs but this would be by far the longest program she had run.

It looked interesting and I knew that this was the Universe giving me an option for what I had asked for. The mastermind was $30,000, but the Early Bird price was $20,000 paid in full or 9 monthly payments of $2,333. Prior to this, the most I had paid was $2,000 for a couple of things (including B-School) so this was a HUGE step for me. 

I spent the next few days really thinking about the mastermind. I logged back into the Money Mentality Makeover course and watched more of the videos. I watched Amanda’s most recent Facebook Lives and got a better feel for her and her methods. 

‘Past Me’ could never imagine spending $20,000 on a mastermind but there was something SO captivating about Amanda and her work that I decided to go for it and join.

Why I love working with Amanda Frances so much

When I first signed up to the mastermind, I was kind of afraid of Amanda because she seemed so elevated – maybe because I’d put her on this kind of pedestal like we tend to do with highly successful people. But throughout the mastermind, I felt very seen by her and it surprised me that she acknowledged me in the ways that she did e.g. asking how I was feeling since cancelling my launch (that’s another story through!). 

If you want to level up in your business or in your life, you need to be around people who know what that next level looks like. Those people also need to be able to tell you what you need to know and support you through leveling up. And that’s exactly what Amanda has provided for me.

There’s just something about Amanda’s energy… that just makes you believe things are possible. And believing things are possible is half way to deciding. And deciding… that’s where the magic happens. (I got ‘decide’ tattooed on my ankle after Amanda’s retreat in Bali… which I flew to business class… because… her money manifesting works!)

The way she views the world and the things she knows to be true are so solid and secure that everything else she says and does makes sense.

Now I feel so at peace with my finances because everything internally has changed massively after working with Amanda. 

Money Mentality Makeover Course Review

I told you I’d go into more detail about this course – after all, this post is about supporting you to make the right decision if signing up is a good fit for you or not. 

As courses go, the way it’s been created is super unique. The first couple of modules were recorded many years ago when she was making ~$10k a month. The final module was recorded in 2019, at a time where  she’s making $200k+ a month. So you kind of like ‘grow’ with it and there’s an evolution to it. It’s quite unlike any other course structure I’ve seen.

Amanda’s approach is such a powerful, yet loving energy to manifesting. She’s so gifted at supporting you to gently shift your perception and transform your reality. It’s completely magic. ✨

There’s no point in me copying and pasting the contents of her sales page into this post, if you want to know exactly what’s included in each module, you can check that out here. 

What I can share with you is how I experienced the course and the changes I saw. Like I mentioned, I enrolled in the course but didn’t do much with it initially. It was only really when I was thinking about joining Amanda’s mastermind, that I went back to the course and started watching the videos.

Amanda’s take on money blocks is very much to “decide what you want, what you really truly want, and then look at all the reasons you feel like you can’t have it, and go through them and decide that they’re nonsense and tell a different story”. 

She doesn’t really do the whole looking for the origin of money blocks and money stories things that you see a lot of other people doing. The stuff about money stories is there, but I feel like, she’s quicker to just identify it, look at it briefly, and then decide to shift it. 

The process feels quite a lot quicker. I may be heavily bastardising what she teaches, but that’s kinda my interpretation of it! 😉 Amanda spends a lot of the focus on feeling the feelings of what you want and getting into the vibration of what you want. It’s not really focused at all on what stops us, but more stepping into what we want.

If you like Amanda’s vibe and style (from her lives, and posts, and emails and such), then Money Mentality Makeover is like that. I just like to be in Amanda’s energy as she’s nailed ‘come pay to be in my energy’ better than anyone else I know (like how I paid $2k to have dinner with her on less than 48 hours notice. I usually don’t act like that at all!).

Money Mentality Makeover has a ton of bonuses in it (which are mostly Facebook Live series that Amanda has done). I can’t even really explain… but I could watch Amanda just talk on Facebook Lives all day. It just flows effortlessly out of her. She’s so clearly channeling it. And I just get what I need. And I’ve learnt to trust that.

She only opens doors to her signature course, Money Mentality Makeover, a couple of times a year. If you’ve got cleaning up your money story and mindset on your goals list this year, I invite you to take a look! ❤️

Amanda’s approach is such a powerful, yet loving energy to manifesting. She’s so gifted at supporting you to gently shift your perception and transform your reality. Magic. ✨

⭐ Want to get a feel for Amanda’s vibe? You can sign up totally free for some of her money manifesting resources right here. ⭐

What’s the difference between Amanda Frances’ Money Mentality Makeover course and Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp?

So, I’m a huuuuuge fan of Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp. I got it as my B-School bonus in 2014. In 2015 I emptied my savings to go to a VIP day with her. I also paid for my wife to join her Money Bootcamp because it was SO important to me that she was also ‘on the same train’.

Denise Duffield-Thomas and her Money Bootcamp hands down changed my life. It’s probably the main thing I credit with taking me from ‘too ill to work and on disability benefits’ to having a successful business, at least the mindset work and being part of that community. I always felt like Lucky Bitch was a way of life.

I think in 2017 I sensed things had started to shift in Denise Duffield-Thomas’ world… the group rules changed, her husband joined her business, a couple of other things happened… and it no longer felt quite like what I wanted or needed. I found myself going into the group less and less (when it had previously been my favourite group daily).

I’m not really sure I remember the exact series of events that led me to join Amanda’s Money Mentality Makeover, but I do remember feeling a bit of almost… disloyalty at the time… but that I was also craving something… different. At the time, I actually decided not to sign up for Money Mentality Makeover, but then when I woke up the next morning, the sales page was still open, and I took it as a sign and joined last minute.

They’re very different approaches and courses. In many ways Denise Duffield-Thomas is much more practical and step by step. Amanda is a lot more about the energy, feeling and vibes around money. 

Denise Duffield-Thomas’ content is quite head based for me. It’s about reframing, and working through blocks, and taking actions, and learning how the Universe works in quite a practical way. I’d say Amanda’s Money Mentality Makeover it’s less structured/practical than Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp in many ways, but that doesn’t really bother me – it’s more about the shifts you experience as a result. 

With Amanda it’s much more heart based. It’s about feeling the energy, co-creating with the Universe, and changing up reality in a way that just flows. It kind of feels like playing with less tangible ideas.

I love both. I’ve needed both. Both have helped me in very different ways. Where I’m at right now, I’m resonating a lot more with Amanda. Whereas in the past it might have been “what would Denise Duffield-Thomas do/say?” or “what’s the lucky bitch way to handle this?”, now I’m currently in a place of “what would Amanda do/say?”.

I see both Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp and Amanda’s Money Mentality Makeover as toolboxes for manifesting. 

They both ‘work’, they’re just different tools. 

And a few years ago Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp was my first toolbox, and I made some epic stuff with those tools. But right now I’m finding myself using Amanda’s Money Mentality Makeover toolbox tools a little more, and they feel a little different to use, and produce slightly different things, but equally epic. 

Maybe I’ll move back to using Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp tools at a future point. Maybe I’ll find someone else’s tools. I don’t know. But right now I’m still feeling really good about having worked with Amanda and how she’s shifted my perception of how life gets to go for me. (The coach I worked with after Amanda, Sara Dann, was actually in my mastermind with Amanda and she still works with Amanda, so I kinda still got Amanda, just filtered through her lens!)


Final Thoughts

I feel a little frustrated about how hard I find it to communicate how I feel about Amanda and her work and how it’s impacted me. It all just starts to sound so ethereal. All I feel I can do is say I fully believe she’s the real deal. I’m so surprised I think that, but I really, really do. I’ve invested over $25k with her in about 18 months and that was an excellent decision on my part.

Please do post in the comments or my chat box if you have any questions! Happy to share my thoughts/experiences further ❤

✨✨ If you do decide to go ahead and join Money Mentality Makeover, and sign up through my link, I’ll gift you $500 ‘credit’ to be spent on anything with me in the next 6 months ✨✨