Got a membership you're feeling meh about it?

Don't shut it down yet - I can help!

Launching your membership again and again and again is exhausting

They forgot to tell you that when they taught you about memberships... 🙄

Some of the membership ‘experts’ are so focused on the open-closed membership model they outright dismiss any alternatives. 

But it's not that black + white. 

They make it sound like closed membership models don't work.

But that's just their opinion. It's not a universal fact.

I believe that an always-open membership is the better option for some most businesses. 

So, let me present an alternative to the open/close membership.

Why you might want your membership always open...

You can provide immediate training, content and support. If someone finds your membership and wants it, but they have to wait another 6 months for it to open, they’re going to look somewhere else!

You always have something to offer/sell! You can’t direct people to your membership if it’s closed...

You don’t have to do intense high-energy launches - you can if you want to, but if they don’t suit your life, that’s fine!

Your affiliates can promote all year round and share it with anyone that could use your membership.

Your membership can complement other products and services you offer and your overall business more neatly.

The overall energy of your membership is a lot calmer. People are always trickling in, so you don’t have those big bursts of energy when a whole bunch of people join at the same time. 

Sounds good, right? 🤩

Simple Marketing for Always-Open Memberships 

Here’s what we’ll cover in this training:

The three types of membership models and how to decide which will work best for your unique business
Why you should consider an always-open membership, and when an open/close membership would work better

The mindset shifts needed for an always-open membership - yeah, I know, mindset blah blah blahhh, but I promise you that this lesson is going to change how you think about your membership and make it way easier to sell!

12 different  pick 'n' mix  strategies for having a steady stream of new members month after month

Here’s what’s included:

1 hour training in bite-sized lessons with closed captions and detailed notes
The option to download the lessons to your fave podcast app and listen on the go.
An invite to my private student Facebook group, Team EBG’s Party Pad


How many new members would you need for this training to pay for itself? 🤔😉


What Others Are Saying About
Simple Marketing for Always-Open Memberships 👇

I will be honest with you. I have never sold this training as a standalone offer before. I have never collected feedback/testimonials. Hopefully I'll have some here for you soon. But in the meantime, Elissa loved it... 

"I've never loved marketing anything. I want to create and be left alone! 

The strategies in this training feel accessible to me. I really don't like launches and I like that all the ideas in here are NOT launching but they're also not super involved.

My favorite part of the training was the ideas. I've had a membership for about a year now and I've kept it small because I don't announce it much. I'm ready to start welcoming more people in so these ideas were great!"

Kimberly Costa

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P.S. I offer a no-quibble 14 day refund policy if you buy it, watch it, and don't find it useful.

This is for you if:

You're considering starting a membership but the thought of regularly launching is exhausting

You already have an always-open membership but you want more members on auto-pilot

You already have an open/close membership but launches are less and less successful

You already have an open/close membership but high-energy launches are burning you out

If any of those describe your situation, grab Simple Marketing for Always-Open Memberships.

How many new members would you need for this training to pay for itself? 🤔😉

Hi. I’m Lizzy. 👋

and I used to run ConvertKit Club, an always-open membership with over 400 members. 

Even though I love memberships, I shut mine down towards the end of 2020 after running it for over four years. 

After adopting our 2 girls, my business changed a lot. Add the mayhem of 2020 without childcare and it became increasingly difficult to provide the speed or level of support I’d always prided myself on, so it was time to say close the doors for good. 

That said, I still believe that membership with a specific outcome can be incredibly valuable for both you as a business owner and your clients —  there’s a reason I'm in a bunch of them!

I love having an always-open membership for all the reasons listed above. If those reasons speak to you, come join us inside Simple Marketing for Always-Open Memberships.

Frequently Asked Questions 👇

Will this help me decide if I should have my membership always open or just open doors a few times a year?

Absolutely! We cover the 3 main types of membership models and the pros/cons of each to help you decide which will work best for your business and goals.

Am I going to have to use fake countdown timers and false urgency?

There’s a whole lesson called ‘But what about urgency? No-one will join?!’ to calm your urgency fears! 

You don’t need urgency to sell your membership. The vast majority (10) of the 12 strategies I teach in this course aren’t urgency-based.

This training title feels familiar - did you sell it before?

I originally recorded this live in 2019 as a bonus training for people who joined Membership Academy through my affiliate link. The training recording was quietly available at other times, but it's now been fully course-ifed and I'm hyped to share it with membership owners near and far!

There is only one version of this training. Please do not purchase again if you already have access. 

What if I don't like the training?

Yes, my usual ‘if this wasn’t helpful/applicable, let me know in 14 days and I’ll give a full refund’ policy.

I have a different question. 

Send me a message using the message box on the bottom right of this page, and let’s chat!


How many new members would you need for this training to pay for itself? 🤔😉

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