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A new feature has just been rolled out whereby when someone unsubscribes, they are immediately given the option to resubscribe. Hopefully, most of the time, they will do that and not bother you. But if they do, the info in this blog post is still totally helpful.

Oh no! I accidentally hit unsubscribe! Please re-add me!

This is an email you'll likely get from time to time if you're sending a lot of emails through ConvertKit.

How do you re-add them?


If you need to reactivate them on everything (sequences, forms and tags)

If they have ever replied to a ConvertKit email you've sent them, you should be able to click their unique full unsubscribe link → confirm → and then ‘Click to resubscribe'. This will have the effective of resubscribing them to everything.

If you don't have any replies from them with that unique unsubscribe link, email [email protected]. They're the only people who can do this. Unfortunately it's not possible for you to do it manually.


If you just need to reactivate them on tags

Good news! You can do this yourself!

  1. Create a new form in ConvertKit. Call it something like ‘Silly Unsubscribers' – you may want it again for future.
  2. Turn off the Incentive Email.
  3. Click Embed ⟶ Share ⟶ go to that url.
  4. Pop their details in the form that appears and hit ‘Subscribe'.


Voila! They're back, with all the tags they had at the time of unsubscribing.


How to avoid this happening

Create a custom email template, and edit the text around the Unsubscribe link to make it super clear what will happen if they click: e.g. ‘To unsubscribe from all Elizabeth Goddard's emails including any paid courses you might have: click here'.

If people are used to systems like MailChimp, then they may expect to click Unsubscribe and be removed from just that list, not your entire email system, so I always recommend to make it really clear what's going to happen (and hopefully they'll think twice about clicking it!).

Also,  I'm going to take this opportunity to declare my love of ConvertKit tags once again. This is another reason why organising your subscribers via tags instead of forms may work better for you 🙂

If you'd like to learn more about creating custom email templates, regular unsubscribe links, and custom unsubscribe links, check out my Template Toolkit