Meet the Team

Emma Buckley – Right-hand Woman

(aka Hand of the Queen for any Game of Thrones fans!)

I rescued Emma from the corporate world in early 2016. She was constantly shocked at the inefficiency and general busy-ness of everything and everyone around her. Where most people see chaos and overwhelm, Emma sees the potential for beautiful and streamlined systems and structures.

She also happens to be Lizzy‘s wife and works in the room next to her – great for frequent brainstorming + knowledge sharing tea breaks!

Emma’s favourite online tools are Leadpages, Zapier and Slack. She also loves penguins, robots and city wildlife in our garden.

16 Personalities: The Mediator (INFP-T)
Wealth Dynamics: Lord
Fascination Advantage: The Secret Weapon (Mystique and Innovation)

Emma has a wonderfully positive ‘can-do’ attitude.  Having observed a cumbersome manual registration process, Emma analysed the problem and drew on her vast knowledge to present us with a new streamlined online system which is easy to understand, quick, accurate and a pleasure to use.” – Kathleen Visser

Louis Bond

Louis is quietly-spoken being who loves everyone and lives in a room filled with plants and small lizards. His particular passions include video games, Steven Universe, interior design, collecting unsafe quantities of books, and sticking his hands in mud.

Louis has two versatile roles in my team:

  1. He’s an excellent graphic design VA and general tedious task gremlin. Ask him about the Adele covers he’s perfected while working on Canva.
  2. He’s an enthusiastic content creator, copywriter, editor/writing coach, and branding strategist. His greatest talent: finding your voice in a block of text, polishing it, and making you sound more like you than you do.

16 Personalities: Most commonly The Mediator (INFP), occasionally The Advocate (INFJ).
Fascination Advantage: The Connoisseur (Prestige/Passion)


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