About Lizzy

Why hello there!

Welcome to my website.

I’m Lizzy.

I’m 30.

I live with my wife and 2 adopted daughters in a super cute village called Burton Joyce, just outside Nottingham, UK. (That’s me on the right. 👉)


Why are you awesome? Why should I trust you with my baby?

  1. I’ve learnt all this stuff to build my own successful businesses: The Pillow Fort and marching stars zine distro, and now this business.
  2. I’m a course junkie (business/personal development) – notably B-School, Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, TRIBE, and Uncage Your Business. I’ve spent over $50k in the past 5 years immersing myself in anything and everything to do with the online business world.
  3. My brain doesn’t stop. I wake up in the morning and I’m instantly in go-mode about everything online business. It’s kinda tiring for me, but great for the businesses who get a little bit of my brain!
  4. I’ve had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 13 years (ranging from mild to moderate). I get what it’s like to have other time commitments and responsibilities calling out for you so you can’t devote all your time and energy on your business. I want to help you maximise the time you do have.


Egg_developed_colour_006 (2)Why now? Why are you doing this
‘helping online businesses’ thing?

I’ve lived and breathed this online business world for a couple of years now, and through a series of unexpected turns in my life, the Universe has guided me here. I started helping online businesses as a temporary thing and loved it so freaking much that I completely changed my life plans and am sticking with this!

I’ve got the skills, experience and ideas.

You’ve got the business that needs some extra TLC/tough love (your choice!)

I think we could make this work… 


Okay, all sounds good, but tell me a bit more about non-business you?

  • I’m a trained lollipop lady
  • Queer
  • Feminist
  • Vegan
  • I drink a lot of tea
  • I love trashy TV (for reals, my fave show is The Bachelor/The Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise)
  • I’m a recovering twitter and tumblr addict. Currently a Bubble Witch addict, but shhh.
  • I have a first class degree in Theology from the University of Nottingham, but currently sit somewhere between atheist/humanist and spiritual. I am increasingly woo woo though, and I do love to talk Universe with my clients.
  • I’m a huuuge Tegan and Sara fan and have seen them 63.5 times in 11 countries (that took some serious organisational skills!)
  • I’m a multipotentialite/multipassionate person and like to try out lots of things. You ain’t ever going to stop me learning!
  • In a former life (Students’ Union politics) I won some awards for being awesome. I think you definitely want me on your team! 😉

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Personality Type

I’m not super into personality tests, but I’ve done a few over the years, so if you are into them, here’s how I measure up:

16 Personalities: The Commander (ENTJ-A)
Wealth Dynamics: Mechanic
Fascination Advantage: The Victor (Prestige and Power)
Kolbe Score: 8-5-4-3
Human Design: Generator