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Small But Mighty $9 Offers
Get It Done Week

Monday 15th - Sunday 21st July 2024

Create a strategic, bite-sized $9 offer for your business, in just one week! 💪 AND get it in front of 27K+ potential buyers 👀

Psst… if you purchased the Ultimate Play Pass for Low Ticket Live®️ 2024, you’re already in for this 😉

Lemme guess: you L-O-V-E love creating new things.

You’re chock-full of ideas and brimming with creativity. And that’s helped you create deliciously actionable courses, trainings, & digital products.

You’ve got the banana split of offer suites, with all the delicious flavours and trimmings available...

... but you’ve not yet added the cherry on top.

What’s the cherry on top, you ask? 

It’s the teeny-tiny, $9-ish offer that gives new students a taste of your style.

Small but mighty offers are...

low-cost, low-risk, & almost always an easy yes
the perfect bite-sized entry point into your world
an awesome way to grow your list & get paid for it
easy to sell & use in all sorts of ways, such as in bundles, as bonuses, or as order bumps
a fun, low-pressure way to experiment in your biz!

Ready to add the cherry on top of your
offer suite sundae? 🍨
Let’s get it done together!

Step 1: Come up with your $9 offer idea with…

Small But Mighty $9 Offers

You’ll get immediate access to this (easy-to-consume) course as soon as you sign up, so you can binge the content and start coming up with ideas right away! Inside, you’ll learn:

Why you should absolutely add a teeny-tiny offer to your existing product suite
How to repurpose what you’ve already created into a small but mighty standalone offer
The unique position & purpose of $9 offers compared to traditional low-ticket ($17-47) products
My favourite strategies for a low-key, tiny offer launch

Step 2: Create it with extra support + accountability in the…

Get It Done Week 💪

From Monday 15th - Sunday 21st July, join me and hundreds of other online business owners in creating your next no-brainer $9 offer. The Get It Done Week includes:

Additional, new $9 offer ideas training (40 mins)
Private popup Facebook group to connect with other people doing the thing, ask your questions, and celebrate your wins. (Opens Friday, 12th July)
Coworking sessions to get your head down and taking action
Promo of your $9 offer to my 27k+ email subscribers on Tuesday, 23rd July!

or 2 payments of $99


And you also get access to TONS of goodies to help you implement faster & easier! 🤯

$2,000+ worth of premium resources to help you create, market and sell the heck out of your $9 and other low ticket offers, generously contributed by the speakers and sponsors of Low Ticket Live®️ 2024

Ongoing access to a library of low ticket-related trainings from Low Ticket Live®️ 2024 via video recordings and a private podcast feed dropping on 8th July 2024

$100 Lizzy Credit to spend on almost anything I sell for the next 6 months (see Lizzy Credit Terms for more details)

If you’re coming here from Low Ticket Live®️ and you’re thinking “hey… this looks just like the Ultimate Play Pass” — you’re right 😉. It’s the same thing, just repositioned for people who don’t love summits. If you already bought the Ultimate Play Pass, you’re already in for this Get It Done Week! 🎉

That’s a LOT of value, so let’s recap ⏪

The Small But Mighty $9 Offers Get It Done Week includes:

Immediate, ongoing access to my Small But Mighty $9 Offers course, including bite-sized lessons, detailed written notes & closed captions
Private podcast feed for easy, on-the-go listening and learning
Bite-sized lessons with detailed written notes & closed captions
Swipe file with the exact sales emails, checkout pages, & order bump copy that I’ve used for all of my $9 offer launches
Additional $9 offer ideas training (40 minutes)
Invite to my private client/student-only Facebook group, Team EBG's Party Pad®️
Invite to the popup Get It Done Week Facebook group for accountability and support (opens 12th July)
Live, virtual coworking sessions throughout the Get It Done Week
Promo of your new $9 offer to my 27k+ email subscribers on Tuesday, 23rd July
$2,000+ worth of premium, low-ticket related resources from our Low Ticket Live®️ 2024 speakers and sponsors
Ongoing access to 30 presentations + 4 live session recordings from Low Ticket Live®️ 2024
$100 Lizzy Credit, valid for the next 6 months

or 2 payments of $99


Hi, I'm Lizzy!

I’m a multi-offer online business strategist who loves to experiment, have fun, & teach about the unique strategies that I’ve tried in my business.

I launched my first $9 offer in a migraine-induced haze in October 2019, and I launched a second in September 2021. Both were huuuuge successes! Now, I’ve got seven teeny-tiny offers in my business.

When I’m not dreaming up new ideas & trying new business experiments, you can bet I’m eating vegan food whilst watching trashy TV & answering questions in my student-only Facebook group. 

"The first thing I ever bought from Lizzie was her $9 Black Friday course. I went on to buy tons more from her - and join The Profitable Playground! $9 courses are the perfect gateway drug. This training is short, snappy, to the point, got me thinking - and taking action!"

- Josh Goldsmith

"I loved this training. Loved it. Got my gears going as I need to find a replacement offer for my own $9 offering. Now, I might see if I can develop 2-3 of them. This is brilliant. This is a no-brainer purchase."

- Debbie Gartner

"[The course] was really thorough and showed exactly how $9 offers work! It's super helpful and actionable. I’m confident that I could create at least one that would be good for my audience."

- Gudrun Lauret

"I love love love it and it has given me so many new ideas outside of the ideas I already got from the training itself. I’m reallyyyyy motivated to implement [a $9 offer]!"

- Lucy Reyes

You Might Be Wondering…

How long will it take me to go through the course and create my $9 offer?

The main course is about 30 minutes long, chopped into bite-sized lessons. The new, additional $9 offer ideas training is about 40 minutes long. You can watch it all in one sitting & implement the same day, if you like! If you’re repurposing something else from your business into your teeny-tiny offer, it could take you an afternoon. Creating a $9 offer from scratch might take a day or two.

I don’t have any digital products in my business yet. Is this a good place to start?

This strategy is best suited to business owners who have already created & sold a few digital products. Teeny-tiny offers work best when they’re a bite-sized taste of your style, rather than the only thing you have available! We want new customers to snag your $9 offer and then go on to buy more from you, and that requires having other offers.

Additionally, this training doesn’t cover product creation or tech setup—it’s very much strategy-focused. If you’re wanting to create your first digital product, you should check out my free training, The 10 Day Offer.

Isn’t $9 too little?

Nope! It’s just right for a bite-sized, teeny-tiny, entry-level offer that you can use as a paid list builder/course bonus/bundle submission/order bump/upsell.

Will I need to invest a lot of money in Facebook Ads or create a complicated self-liquidating funnel for this to work?

Noooooo. I’ll show you how to do a super low-key launch instead (& give you lots of other ideas for how to get your $9 offer in front of the right eyeballs). 

I've never (really*) run Facebook Ads to any of my $9 offers. 

*I've messed around once for one of them with a few $100 and made a couple of sales. 🤷‍♀️ But if I do figure it out properly, I'll be sure to add a lesson to this course!

I already have your Small But Mighty $9 Offers course. Do I get this week for free, or a discount?

No - this is a separate purchase. This is the Low Ticket Live®️ Ultimate Play Pass repositioned for people who don't like summit-style events 😅 You’re still getting an incredible value with the Get It Done Week, Lizzy Credit & all the other incredible speaker/sponsor contributions.

What's Low Ticket Live?

Low Ticket Live®️ is a 4-day virtual, summit-style event where 30 top innovative brains in the online business world are sharing all about their high-value, low ticket offers.

The goal is that you’ll be inspired to create one (or two, or three, or more!) incredible low ticket offers in your business - or strategically market/position/sell the ones you already have in new + unique ways.

Any small print for what you will/won't promote to your list?

Things I would love to promote to my list:

✅ New offers that are 7-11 in your currency ($, £, €) in the format taught in Small But Mighty $9 Offers that have been created since Monday, 8th July 2024.

✅ Upcoming offers that are to be delivered (live or pre-recorded) on a predetermined date on/before 2nd August 2024.

Things not included in this promo offer:

❌ Offers $6/£6/€6 or less and offers $12/£12/€12 or more

❌ Memberships

❌ $9 offers that have been created before 8th July 2024.

❌ $9 offers teaching anything to do with low cost offers (please check with me if you're not sure).

You may submit one $9 offer per person, not per business.

Please note I reserve the right to not promote any $9 offers that go against my beliefs and/or values. This includes offers promoting weight loss, dieting, fatphobia or healthism.

📅 The deadline to submit your $9 offer for promo is Sunday, 21st July at 8pm UK / 3pm Eastern.

Can I spend my Lizzy Credit on this?

Sorry, but no. Small But Mighty $9 Offers Get It Done Week is part of Low Ticket Live®️ and, as a collaborative offer, you can't spend Lizzy Credit on it.

What if I don’t learn anything new?

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, refunds are not available. Please look through all the details before you purchase.

I have another question that you haven’t answered yet.

Send me a message via the chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner!

So, what do you say?
Ready to add a cherry-on-top $9 offer to your business in just one week? 🍒

Imagine — in a matter of days, you could have an irresistible, bite-sized offer that swirls more and more buyers into your business ecosystem. Let’s get it done together.

or 2 payments of $99

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