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I'm obsessed with flash sales. ⚡

Here's why:

1. Cash injection ?

Not gonna lie, flash sales can result in some prettttty nice ???

2. Urgency for something you created eons ago ⏳

Things that just sit on your website don't sell. You (probably) know this. Urgency sells.

Stick something on a flash sale and you'll sell way more in the next 3 days than you did in the past year. Because urgency.

(And yes, I suppose it is ‘fake urgency', and I do have a love/hate relationship with it, but if you're passionate about what you can sell and how it can help people, then sometimes people need a little extra encouragement to get the support to make the change in their life/business ?‍♀️)

3. Fence sitters ?

Following on from #2… we've all got those courses and trainings that we know are there… and we kinda probably plan to do one day… but that one day just never comes.

Oh, but what's this? It's on flash sale? Ohhh, now we're talking! I'm doing it! I'm jumping off the fence!” ?

4. First time buyers ?

We've all heard the stats that it's way easier to get someone to buy from you again than it is for the first time. There's a huge difference from when you just follow someone, to when you give them money. (It's one reason I love tripwire offers so much).

Flash sales can be a great opportunity for people to take the plunge and buy something from you in a fairly low-cost/low-risk way. And of course they're going to fall in love with you and buy from you again and again and again ?

5. Virtually no planning or prep time ⌚

Once you get into the groove of flash sales you could legit get one out in under an hour. It can be as simple as creating a coupon or changing the price and then emailing your list or posting on social media. Obviously you can plan further out if you want but you don't have to. You can just wake up one day and feel like making some $$ with a flash sale!

6. Super minimal effort ?‍♀️

As a flash sale is usually something you've offered in whole or part before, you've usually got a lot of the stuff you need (emails, social media posts, Canva graphics, etc) or can easily adapt. You're usually not starting from scratch.

7. Lean into making money easily in an unscary way ✨

Making money ‘easily' can bring up a ton of mindset issues and resistance for people. I’ve found flash sales to be a great way to flex your receiving and ease muscles without causing too much freak out. Some of my flash sales have exceeded all my wildest dreams, and when I started to feel that “Omg… how is it this easy?! This is too much too fast…” bubbling up I was able to remind myself that they’ve purchased something they want, and they’ve now got that thing they wanted, plus I did the work before and I’m being super smart and repurposing that. ?