There may be affiliate links in this post which means I may receive a commission if you purchase something through a link. However, please be assured that I only recommend products I have personally used and love!

I'm obsessed with affiliate marketing, but I know it can give some people the heebie-jeebies!

You don't need to be an ‘affiliate marketer' to make some serious $$ by recommending the products, courses and software you love!

I'm on a mission to help all online businesses incorporate affiliate marketing into what they're already doing, and add in a lucrative additional income stream with minimal effort.

Here are 5 places you can easily add your affiliate links without being super pushy or salesy:

1. Inside your paid digital products, courses and group programs

If you sell a digital product, course, or group program and some of the tools clients will need have an affiliate program, you want to make sure you're using them! For example, if you're offering a list-building course, you might include affiliate links to several recommended email service providers (and even advice on how to pick!). If appropriate, you may also want to include tutorials for the tool so it becomes even easier for your clients to take action straight away.

Here's an example inside my paid Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer course, right above tutorials on how to set it all up:

2. In emails and blog posts

This is my bread-and-butter affiliate marketing ‘strategy'. I try to put in affiliate links as much as possible, but here's my rule of thumb:

Use your (disclosed) affiliate link when it doesn’t disrupt the flow of what you’re saying whenever you mention a product or service (in a neutral or positive light). 

Here's an example in an email (3 of the 5 are affiliate links)

Here's an example in a blog post:

See how it's super subtle and doesn't disrupt the flow of what I'm saying, but if someone is curious they can click to learn more? (And yes, these are disclosed affiliate links!).

3. In the FAQ section on sales pages

I don't really recommend including affiliate links in the main copy on a sales page, but nestled into an FAQ it can work really well, especially if people will likely need (or you strongly recommend) a specific product to support what you teach.

Here's an example from the FAQs on my ConvertKit Club sales page:

4. Enquiry/Onboarding Forms

If you're a service provider who helps clients with a specific tool, ask if they've already signed up in the enquiry or onboarding form, and include your affiliate link on the form. Even if they don't decide to work with you, they may still sign up through your link, especially if you offered any bonuses!

Here's an example from my ConvertKit migration service enquiry form:

5. In Next Steps at the end of a course, training or program

What would be your suggested next steps after your course, training or program ends? Is there a more advanced level course that a colleague offers? Or perhaps a complimentary training to add another strand to what you taught?

Here's an example in my course, Make a Flash For It. I teach about running profitable flash sales, but if you wanted to go deeper into using affiliates for flash sales, I recommend Zoe Linda's Black Friday Toolkit: