There may be affiliate links in this post which means I may receive a commission if you purchase something through a link. However, please be assured that I only recommend products I have personally used and love!

I’ve written these review blog posts for the past 7 years(!): 201920182017201620152014 and 2013.

This blog post is very much a mixture of personal life stuff and business.

In previous years I've very much written them for me, but published them as I enjoy reading other people's annual review/roundup type posts. This year's post has been a lot more draining to write.

If you just look at my numbers (and I've included a full revenue/expenses breakdown for the first time), I've had an epic year. But I honestly don't know what I feel or think right now.

2019 had been a very heavy year. Here's how I ended my 2019 review:

“In September (a particularly bad month), I was listening to Jamie Jensen on the Get Paid podcast. She was saying how she’s undergone massive transitions recently (from an agency to a different business kinda entirely) and she also suffered a significant bereavement at the start of the year.  She was saying about how you need to be clear what sort of stage/phase your business is in – growth, transition or maintenance. And set goals accordingly.

This blew my mind.

There’s this belief in the online business world that you we should always be growing and always be making more money. This year I’ve transitioned from making a chunk of my income from 1:1 services, to making the bulk from 1:many offers/affiliate marketing. This year my dad got super sick and passed away, and I became a parent overnight to an 18 month old and a 5 month old (via a very stressful adoption). Geez, I need to give myself a break! If this isn’t a time for maintenance mode, then what the hell is?!

This has been a year of transition and maintenance, and I spent most of it feeling bad that I wasn’t firing on all cylinders. ?‍♀️”

So I came into 2020 just relieved to have made it through 2019.

It's as though I'm still recovering from 2019, and I have absolutely no ability or bandwidth to even begin to process what happened in 2020.

All that is to say, this blog post may be more factual and less… reflective than previous years. I hope you still find it interesting though.


I just remember January being the longest month ever. I know a lot of other people felt the same way, but for us it was mostly to do with realising just how much we'd been struggling for the past 6 months or so. December 2019 was our first Christmas with the girls, and it just felt so hard to connect with and feel any joy about that. It felt like I was going through the motions of what a nice family Christmas should be like, but none of us particularly enjoyed it. It was all a bit of a show. So we started January by acknowledging the place we were in and reaching out for additional support in a variety of forms. (Spoiler alert: things were going much better by mid-March, but then the Universe had other plans. ?).

  • I did a bajillion Days of Voxer with different people who'd bought intro pricing in October/November 2019.
  • I signed up for a coworking space on the opposite side of town where my wife's family live. I started going a couple of times a week and actually getting some decent longer blocks of work time.
  • I did a new paid live training: Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer. After getting so many questions about how I structured and delivered by Day of Voxer, it just felt easiest to do a little training on it that I could direct people to. I had no idea at the time the significance this one training would have in my 2020.


  • I watched Webinar Rockstar (one of the courses included in Mariah Coz's Accelerator program), and a lightbulb went off in my head. Up until that point I'd really struggled to find my ‘place' in the Accelerator program and hadn't really done much with it.

  • I then immediately made the webinar into an evergreen webinar funnel that has been converting fairly well ever since.
  • Although The Fast Guide to Launching LIVE was my second ‘live round', it was the first time I did Day of Voxer Office Hours, which were a huge hit!


  • The first week of March we went on our first little holiday/vacation with just the 4 of us to Center Parcs. I spent most of the week watching the news (as the Coronavirus pandemic rapidly worsened), and badly promoting the upcoming live round of Profitable Live Trainings. It was the last time things were kinda normal. We ate out in the restaurants. We went swimming. We saw family as normal the weekend we were back.

  • The second half of March is a bit of a blur. I ran a 3 week live round of Profitable Live Trainings, the second week of which my mental health just fell off a cliff with everything going on with the pandemic. All our practical support with the girls stopped. We were only just starting to do a bit better as a family. I was incredibly sad that I would be unlikely to see my mum for a few months (as she has serious lung problems and chose to self-isolate from early March). Everything just felt really heavy.
  • I created a Resources page because I didn't have the bandwidth to create something new myself, but I'm an excellent curator.
  • Had to go with littlest to hospital in an ambulance as she had a crazy high temperature. This was at the end of March and right in the middle of the first wave of the Pandemic. It was all quite scary as we had to be in an isolated room overnight. Thankfully she was okay. We got the results 6 months later that it wasn't Covid-19. ?


I got my groove back in April and did loads of things. With the co-working space closed due to the lockdown, I started working later at night to get things done.

  • Flying high off my first sales webinar the ‘Mariah Coz way', I decided to do another one for Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer: The Magical High-Value, Low-Effort 1:1 Offer. I sold a 3 week live round of Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer, which I'd chopped up into more of a course. This webinar and promo resulted in my first $10k launch. $11.5k to be more precise. It might surprise you to know that this was my first $10k launch as I feel I've successfully launched and sold things for years. 2020 was my fourth 6-figure year. But there we go. My income has always been made up of lots of smaller launches and offers, rather than a few bigger ones.

  • I delivered a new training called Day of Voxer Office Hours for Group Programs which I'd pre-‘sold' as a fast action bonus to the webinar.

  • I was so inspired by Zoe's PWYC sale that I ran one myself for Make a Flash For It!. It was moderately successful but I'm not sure I'd do PWYC again.
  • I offered a new ongoing ‘Voxer Coaching' package where clients could talk to me on Voxer every Tuesday. I signed 3 clients.
  • I saw this post about the Hell Zone. Emma and I continue to use this language for how our mental health is doing.

  • I started playing Covet Fashion and have been a daily player ever since. You can judge me if you like. I also play a ton of Bubble Witch and Solitaire.
  • I received the news that a good friend of mine (in her late 30s) had passed away from Covid-19. I still regularly feel really sad about this, especially when she appears in my Facebook memories.


  • I was an affiliate for Stu McLaren's TRIBE course for the 2nd time. In 2019 I went ‘all in' with the launch and made 18 sales through my affiliate link (almost $15k in commissions). This year, I just wasn't feeling it in the same way. I was struggling without childcare and didn't have the bandwidth to do Facebook Lives, new trainings, etc. I sent this email which was well received. In the end, with extremely minimal promotion, I made 37 sales (almost $30k in commissions). It was a bit overwhelming and stressful if I'm honest because I just didn't know what was happening or who all these people buying from me were!

  • I had been due to attend Mariah Coz's Ascend & Accelerate in-person event in Boston. I'd bought my flights and everything, but obviously it all got cancelled. Instead Mariah pivoted to delivering the Icons of Online Courses Virtual Conference and I was a speaker on the mindset panel. I was so excited to be asked!

  • I re-launched Online Business Playground for a June live round. A couple of days in it felt really off, so I massively pivoted and then sold loads.


  • I ran a flash sale of Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer as I put up the price from $347 to $497.
  • Support Bubbles were introduced and we were able to see Emma's mum/our girls' Nana for the first time in over 3 months. It was so nice and needed.

  • I took CliftonStrengths for the first time: Command | Activator | Futuristic | Relator | Competition
  • I had my course, Profitable Live Trainings, in Bundle Co.'s Business Bundle. There were ~100 other products and courses from really big names in there and 1000s of new people joined my list.
  • Crossed both £100k and $100k for the year. June was also my best month to date at £41k / $51k. I initially thought it was because of a very hefty TRIBE affiliate payout, but even without that it was still my best month ever.


  • 1st July was ‘Family Day', marking one year the girls had been with us. Our options for what to do were very limited, so we opted for another Virtual Photoshoot. Hopefully this is a tradition we'll be able to continue, just in person!
  • Promoted the ridiculous Business Bundle for the 2nd promo period.

  • Did a flash sale of my Anti-Planning Workshop.
  • I joined Mariah Coz's High Ticket Hybrid program. This is my biggest, singular business investment ever. Creating a high ticket program had never really been on my radar, but Mariah's email promoting it just came at the perfect time and I realised the ‘signature course' that had been brewing in my mind would totally work as a high ticket program. I actually joined several days before the webinar selling it because I just felt so good about it and was so sure it was going to be my next step.
  • Found out a few of my sites were on a scammy re-seller site. ? I've continued to have problems since with scammy people signing up for the payment plan and then defaulting payments, issuing chargebacks and making my courses available on reseller sites. It was extremely frustrating as it was taking a lot of my time, and I was losing the appeals and still being charged the fees. I now use Stripe Radar (it's like £0.02 per transaction) and have strict rules for blocking any dodgy looking payments. I figure if they're real then they'll reach out.
  • Ran a second 3 week live round of Profitable Live Trainings. The energy and momentum in this was amaaaaazing thanks to all the people who'd signed up from the Business Bundle.
  • Having been planning a significant overhaul and change in direction for ConvertKit Club since the end of 2019 (seriously, I paid my copywriter to write a whole new sales page I never used ?‍♀️), I finally decided to quietly close the doors in order to prepare for the upcoming changes.


August was an absolute rollercoaster. The only other month in my business that I can compare it to is May 2017. There was my business before August 2020, and now there is my business after.

  • I launched The Profitable Playground. This feels like the culmination of all the random things I've been creating, saying and doing since I started this business in April 2015. I couldn't see how until it all fitted together until this year, but now it feels like it's been ‘revealed' to me and it's epic.

  • I very closely followed what Mariah Coz teaches in High Ticket Hybrid for the design and launch of The Profitable Playground. The whole process was excruciating. It brought up so much mindset crap about being able to deliver a program at this price point and level. It was as though I could physically feel myself expanding and growing to be able to do this. It was also one of the longest periods I've ever spent solely focused on the launch of one thing, and that was also quite painful!
  • My biiiiig stretch goal for this launch was 10, but being realistic I hoped for 5 or 6. I had 31 people join by our mid-September start date. It was a $100k launch. (Remember I had my first $10k launch in April?! ???).
  • We had an offer accepted on our first attempt at buying a house and got stuck into the stressful process of getting a mortgage as self-employed people.
  • Wrapped up the live round of Profitable Live Trainings by promoting my students' paid live trainings they'd created as a result of the course. All 60 of them! ?
  • Although I only ever track cash received, for fun I calculated sales for August. $104,973. 
  • This was also my first time I crossed multi-six figures ($232k) and my best month ever ($68k / £53.5k). Crossing that $200k was a really big one. I'd been sort of trying for a couple of years, but this year it just sort of happened without significant focus on it.


  • Decided to retire my course, Rock Your Tech Specialism. There'd been a time where I felt so passionate about this and the potential of it. I'm sure it's my Thing™ in a fairly close parallel universe. But the Shower Gods told me to retire it, almost exactly 3 years after they first gave it to me. It turns out 2020 was a big year for retiring/ending significant, long term things in my business.

  • Spoke about Day of Voxer on the Riches in the Niches panel at Systems Saved Me's Done in A Day Interview Series.

  • Received the news that the Adoption Order for our 2 girls had been granted. This is the final official step in the adoption process.

  • Bought a Peloton for my wife's 30th birthday. We both got stuck into the different classes and the whole community. My referral code to get you $100/£100 off accessories is YZYUUH. ?

  • First saw this masterpiece: 


  • Had the idea for my Christmas Party and opened contribution applications.

  • We went to Planet Bounce in a moment of almost normal-ness!
  • Our eldest started nursery for a couple of mornings a week. ???
  • Recorded a brand new training for The Profitable Playground called ‘Group Up Your Course', all about how to run high-impact group programs and live rounds based on your self-study course content.


November was pretty much spent in a national lockdown in the UK. We were able to see a little of my wife's mum/the girls' Nana, but as my sister-in-law had her first baby, we were mostly on our own again as supporting her was the priority. I didn't even get to meet my new niece until Christmas Day. I feel so much sympathy for all new parents this year. This just isn't how humans are supposed to live.

  • I announced I was closing my ConvertKit Club membership after 4+ years. I feel this should be a long section where I share my thought process and how I felt and lots of stuff. It was a really significant decision in my business. But honestly, it was easy. I just knew it was time. Whilst I still use and love ConvertKit, I've found things that light me up more than teaching it.
  • I ran a poll in my private client/student only Facebook group to see how many people liked to turn on subtitles/closed captions for TV/online courses/etc. I was surprised that the overwhelming majority voted always, often or sometimes.

  • Based on that poll and an overall desire to make my offers more accessible, I made a commitment that all my courses and trainings would have subtitles/closed captions and full written notes. It's still a work in progress but I'm pleased to now say that I'm delivering on this commitment for the overwhelming majority of my courses and trainings. We use for transcripts/closed captions.

  • Recorded a brand new training for The Profitable Playground called ‘Biz Models Working Together', all about how to build out a harmonious ecosystem of paid live trainings, courses, live rounds with all the other income streams you may have going on. This training feels like the culmination of years of work and thinking and ideas.
  • Heavily promoted ConvertBox ahead of their price increase. Sold loads through my affiliate link which was nice $$ come December.
  • Did a new free training on 5 Email Marketing Rules to Break. I'd always planned to sell my course Email Rockstars, but I wasn't feeling it, so at the last minute I changed it to encouraging people to apply for The Profitable Playground. I also had to reschedule last minute due to whacking my head on a cupboard (blood and everything!) and having to go to A&E/ER a few days later. I also made a mess with email timings and such. Overall, it was a great training, but I don't think it resulted in (m)any new Playground applications. Oh well. I will repurpose it.

  • For the first time since 2017, I did absolutely nothing for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I just wasn't feeling it and I knew my Christmas Party was coming up shortly after. Sold quite a few of my mini training, That (Black) Friday Feeling, though and had some great feedback.


  • Created a simple new logo and zhuzhed up my branding ahead of my Christmas Party. Also updated my home page and about page which I hadn't changed in yeeeears.

  • Noelle became my new favourite Christmas film/movie. How did I not see this last year?!
  • Ran Lizzy's Christmas Party. 3,655 people signed up for the Regular Goody Bag and 183 signed up for the Premium Goody Bag. I made over $14,000 in sales and received some wonderful feedback from my students and clients who contributed their products.

  • I did a little push on promoting The Profitable Playground, but quickly decided that I'd rather focus on my various courses and trainings (my own ‘Playground') and let people apply for the Playground when they're ready. I've had a steady trickle of applications since first launching.
  • Had a lovely Christmas with Emma's family (including finally getting to meet our new niece!).

  • The final thing of the year was a little promo for my Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer course ahead of a 3 week live round in January. I totally half-arsed promotion, only sending a couple of emails. But I still made over $14,000.
  • Early on 30th December I realised I was $5,500 away from a really nice, really big number for the year. A number double my original 2020 goal! So I pulled out all the stops and threw everything at it to hit the goal. I ended up making over $15,000 as a result.


I'll be honest, I don't know which month these things happened, but they felt worthy of documenting.

  • I mostly worked in little bursts this year around a (fairly – see the next point!) non-negotiable live event/deadline. Most of the year has felt like getting my shit together, doing a thing, and then sort of doing nothing much again for a week or two (due to mental health, motivation, childcare, etc). Until the clocks changed I'd work late at night during these bursts as it was the only time things were quiet and I could have a longer block of high quality work time. But I'm not naturally a night owl, so when the clocks changed and it was much darker in the evenings I found myself doing that less and less. I can't wait for Spring!
  • I rescheduled SO many calls and trainings this year. I probably rescheduled more things than not. And the world didn't end. No-one (told me they) hated me. I don't like having to reschedule, but this year… I just had to surrender to it, and trust that when I was able to do the call or the training it would be worth the wait.
  • I set up 4 evergreen funnels that are converting between 2% and 7.5%. Mostly it's just a little trickle of organic traffic, but I have made almost $40k this year directly from evergreen funnels.
  • I finally got Facebook ads working well for the first time and started making evergreen course sales from a cold audience! ?

  • In December 2019 I attended Mariah Coz's workshop on 2020 planning (her process is called Map Your Model). I didn't resonate with all that much of what she said, but one thing really stuck out. Paraphrasing: “If you're not marketing an existing course to the fullest extent before creating a new one, then you've got visibility issues as it's a form of hiding.” And I wrote in my notebook: ‘Why am I creating new products when I haven't scratched the surface on previous things I've created?'. That question has played a huge role in how I approached 2020. Whilst I have created new things, it's been considerably less than previous years. A significant focus this year was refreshing and updating both content and marketing for existing offers (notably The Fast Guide to Launching, Profitable Live Trainings and The Tripwire Training). This has definitely paid off (both financially and visibility-wise) and I feel a lot clearer than previously about what my business ‘is'. In 2021 I plan to continue doing this (as well as no doubt create a few new things as I'm inspired to).
  • In March I joined Julie Stoian's We're In This Together Facebook group where she provided a space to talk about the growing Coronavirus pandemic. The group later expanded to include the BLM protests and the US election. Every day she writes a ‘Daily Takeaway' with bullet points of the key info/news and her interpretations of the day. This is always the very first thing I read in the morning, and I'm so grateful for her clear and concise synthesis of what's going on in the world and what we should be looking out for.

Significant Course/Program Investments

Business memberships I’m part of at present

Blogs written

Courses and Programs Launched

Other Trainings:

*Exclusive to The Profitable Playground.

Retired Offers

  • Rock Your Tech Specialism
  • ConvertKit Club
  • ConvertKit Rockstars
  • 1:1 ConvertKit Strategy/Training Calls
  • All done-for-you ConvertKit services

New Freebies

New Content Upgrades

? Revenue ?

For fun, I asked my student only Facebook group to guess how much they think I made in 2020. I received quite a few guesses ranging from $100k to a million. The majority were around about $250-300k.

? Total 2020 revenue: $410k / £320k

For context, rough revenue previous years:
2015: Started my VA business in April and made maybe like $20-25k.
2016: $52k / £40k
2017: $109k / £82k
2018: $144k / £108k
2019: $170k / £133k
2020: $410k / £320k


⚠ These numbers are fairly rough. ⚠

1. Affiliate Income: $125k / £99k
This was around 30% of my total revenue, almost exactly the same as last year. I received affiliate commission payments from 30 separate business, notably Stu McLaren/TRIBE, ConvertKit, Membership Academy, Sara Dann, Amanda Frances, ConvertBox and The Bundle Co.

2. The Profitable Playground: $116k / £89k
This was about 28% of my total revenue even though I only launched in August. I actually feel a bit… awkward about this being such a hefty income stream, because I know most people reading this won't have a high ticket program or be planning to create one in the near future. That said, this program only exists because of the years selling paid live trainings that I felt inspired to do in the moment, and then repurposing and reselling them. It's only been this year that I've been able to see how they all fit together and I've been able to create this program to teach other people how to build a profitable, fun, multi-offer business. The Profitable Playground is a culmination of everything I've been creating, saying, doing and thinking for years, not a departure or change in direction.

3. Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer: $55k / £44k
This was the runaway success of 2020. When I delivered this paid live training in January, I honestly thought it would be just a one-and-done thing I'd then have in my back pocket when people asked about offering Day of Voxer. But it quickly took on a life of its own, especially after I did The Magical High-Value, Low-Effort 1:1 Offer. This number also includes sales of the related training, Day of Voxer Office Hours for Group Programs, and the Plug + Play Day of Voxer Sales Page Template. $25,800 was as a direct result of the evergreen webinar funnel I created in April, and the rest was through launches. This
For more info see The Tale of 2 Paid Live Trainings

4. ConvertKit Club: $33k / £26k
ConvertKit Club has served me so well in my business. Both in terms of incomes and warm leads for my other offers.

5. Lizzy's Christmas Party: $13.8k / £10.3k
This was some nice $$ for December. You can buy the recording of the full Christmas Party Debrief I did if you'd like to know more.

6. (The Quickstart Guide to) Profitable Live Trainings: $10.3k / £8k
I never really promoted this in 2020. I've made these modest sales through the evergreen funnel, and some sales as upsells/order bumps to other things. Despite low sales, it's been a very significant course for me this year as I included it in a big business bundle and it now has 1000s of students. It's also one of the core courses in The Profitable Playground.

7. The Tripwire Training: $9.5k / £7.3k
I always joke that you're not going to get rich off your tripwire offer, but $9.5k is nothing to sniff at! Completely overhauling this in November, with a brand new sales page, certainly gave it a little boost. I currently make sales of this near daily.

8. The Fast Guide to Launching: $9.2k / £7.1k
I only promoted this course once in 2020 when I did the free training, How to Create and Sell Something Before You're Ready. These sales came through that launch, an evergreen webinar funnel, and as upsells/order bumps to other courses. I'm planning to give it a big overhaul in 2021.
For more info see The Tale of 2 Paid Live Trainings

9. Day of Voxer/Voxer Coaching: $6.9k / £5.4k
This is a mixture of Day of Voxer and the ongoing Voxer Coaching I mentioned in April. I had a full sales page written for my Day of Voxer in January and I've still not put it up. ?‍♀️

10. Make a Flash For It!: $5.6k / £4.6k
I only actively promoted this once in 2020 with a PWYC sale. I also make some sales through the evergreen funnel I set up in March.

11. Lizzy Credit: $4.7k / £3.5k
This is something I first (successfully) experimented offering for Black Friday 2019. I don't usually offer this, so all of these sales were in the last 2 days of the year when I was trying to hit my annual goal and I threw it out there.

12. Online Business Playground: $4k / £3.2k
This is arguably the most powerful/important/magical program I've ever created. I only sold it once in 2020 and it's not available evergreen.

13. Emails for Launching: £3.4k / £2.6k
This was only created in September and I haven't done anything with it since. I sold it for $47, and loads of people got it for free as a bonus to other things. I plan to do more with it in 2021.

14. ConvertKit 1:1 strategy/training calls: $3.3k / £2.6k
I stopped doing these at the start of June. My heart just wasn't in talking about ConvertKit anymore. ?‍♀️

15. The Anti-Planning Workshop: $2.8k / £2.2k
I did one flash sale for this in 2020 and I get a tiny trickle of sales the rest of the time.

16. Rock Your Tech Specialism and related digital products: $2.8k / £2.2k
The majority of these sales were when I announced I was retiring Rock Your Tech Specialism, but I do also get a trickle of tripwire sales from related freebies.

17. The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing: $1.6k / £1.2k
I'd really hoped to do more with this in 2020, but I didn't quite fit it in. Hopefully it'll get a huge overhaul/live round in 2021, because I did over 6-figures in affiliate income this year… and I genuinely give it minimal thought/effort. ? All these sales were just randomly off the site.

18. The Easy Guide to Courses and Group Things: $890 / £715
I think all sales of this were as order bumps/upsells to other courses as I don't sell it standalone anymore. I just sort of quietly phased it out. It's been completely superseded by the new trainings in The Profitable Playground.

19. ConvertKit Tutorials: $620 / £490
These are just random sales off my site. I think I must link to them in blog posts, because I'm still getting sales even though I thought I'd removed all links. ? They were all $29, so it was quite a trickle over the year.

20. The Painless Guide to Hiring & Working with a VA: $380 / £300
I have never promoted this since originally recording the paid live training. I did include it in the Business Bundle I took part in though, so it does now have 1000s of students, which is a little odd! These sales were just randomly off my site.

21. Done-For-You Tech Work: $230 / £190
I was still providing occasional done-for-you tech work for one last client. I think I actually did this work in 2019 and was then paid early 2020. It feels really, really strange to have not done any ad-hoc/project text work at all in 2020!

22. That (Black) Friday Feeling: $180 / £140
I think I might have posted about this once, I didn't promote it at all. It's only $9, so this does represent quite a few sales.

23. The Simple Guide to Positioning: $100 / £80
I thought I'd taken this down, but maybe I've still got it as an order bump somewhere? Or someone found an old link? Either way, I sold it once. This training is awesome, but the positioning is ironically terrible! ? It's available in The Profitable Playground.

? Expenses ?

⚠ These numbers are fairly rough. ⚠

?  Total 2020 expenses: $164.8k / £126.8k

Training/Coaching: $50.4k / £38.8k
This is always my biggest expense. $24k went to Mariah Coz for Accelerator and High Ticket Hybrid. Other big chunks went to Lexi D'Angelo, Rachel Rodgers and Funnel Gorgeous.

Team: $43.4k / £33.4k
This tripled from 2019. The bulk of it was Dani Fairhurst (my VA), Fabiana Nilsson (my copywriter) and Gail Bainbridge (my money person).

Bank Fees: $15k / £11.5k
PayPal fees and Stripe fees.

Facebook Ads: $14.8k / £11.4k
I've long dabbled with Facebook ads, but this is the first year I've actually got them working.

Refunds: $10.4k / £8k
Eh, they happen. Some were requested. Some were silly-billies. Some were given on my part because I realised it wasn't a good fit.

Tech: $10.3k / £7.9k
God I love my tech. I totally allow myself to freely spend money on fun tech. This is everything like ConvertKit, SamCart, Teachable, AcuityScheduling, Dropbox, Zoom, Deadline Funnel, hosting and domains, Otter, Voxer, Xero, Zapier, Yet Another Mail Merge and more.

Affiliate Commission Paid Out: $7.7k / £5.9k
I should do more with my affiliate program, but I like having it there and some people do quite well from it.

Licensing Fees: $5.9k / £4.5k
You know how I team up with other business peeps for win-win things like the plug + play templates for some of my courses? This is that. I need to do a paid live training on it sometime.

Bank Revaluations: $2.6k / £2k
I have no idea what this is. But it's to do with exchange rates I think. I exclusively charge in USD but obviously spend GBP in my regular life.

Travel: $1.7k / £1.3k
This was Upper Class flights to Mariah Coz's Ascend & Accelerate event in Boston. It's forever in Virgin Atlantic credit limbo now. Sigh. One day.

Office Space: $940 / £720
This was a co-working space I signed up to in January. It's not been open quite a lot of the year so they keep putting my payments on pause.

Stationery: $770 / £590
This is mostly Postable cards for students and clients.

Pinterest Ads: $560 / £430
A fairly short lived experiment.

Graphics: $470 / £360
This is CreativeMarket, Viral Content Templates, Basil & Bark and HauteStock.

Phew, I have well and truly run out of steam writing this. ?

Got any Qs? Drop them in the comments below. I'm happy to answer!