ConvertKit, eh? It’s pretty trendy right now, and for all the right reasons.

The one thing people keep saying about it…

“Woah! This makes email marketing almost… fun?!”

It’s super simple, super straightforward and very powerful.

Elizabeth Goddard - ConvertKit VAJust some of the reasons I love ConvertKit:

  • ConvertKit emails land in people’s Primary Gmail inboxes. What witchcraft is that?!
  • Each email address in your system counts as one subscriber and then you tag them based on their purchases, actions, signups, etc. No more being charged for each person on each list.
  • You know how double optins are usually really “CONFIRM YOU’RE A HUMAN OR ELSE?!”, ConvertKit confirms their email AS they’re receiving their free thing. It’s kinda sneaky, but kinda genius.
  • With the click of a button you can resend your email to everyone who didn’t open it.
  • It’s genuinely just a pleasure to use (and I don’t say that about many online apps or software!)

Intrigued? Read on…

Considering ConvertKit?

ConvertKit Migration, Training, Strategy and VA ServicesTake my quick quiz and find out if it might be a good fit for you OR sign up for a free 30 day trial and try it out for yourself!

BONUS: If you use my ConvertKit affiliate link you will get:

  • Free 30 day trial
  • 30 mins of my time to use however you want: talk through strategy on a call, have me nip in and set something up, or I can go in and double check your setup is done in the most efficient way. (You can use this in combination with any of my ConvertKit services below.)
  • Free month in ConvertKit Club

A Beginner's Guide to ConvertKit

Free 40 min training video

You’ll learn how to get set up and start using ConvertKit straight away!

The 40 min training video covers: subscribers/tags, forms, sequences, automation rules and sending broadcasts.

Get the training

CK badgeWant help migrating to ConvertKit?

I can offer ConvertKit migration from MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse and AWeber, Mad Mimi and Constant Contact. Please contact me about others.

I’m a ConvertKit Certified Expert, specifically in Migration. You’re in safe hands 🙂

My migration package includes, as required:

  • moving your lists and tagging correctly
  • integrating with however you currently collect emails
  • setting up zaps in Zapier so that any unsubscribes on your existing email subscriber get carried across
  • setting up templates with the dual unsubscribe links (so they can unsubscribe from a certain type of email) and any header/banner you want
  • setting up autoresponders
  • setting up content upgrades
  • a video showing you around your ConvertKit, how it works, how I set it up, etc (usually around 20 – 30 mins long)
  • email support for 2 weeks for any follow up questions/etc

My standard migration rate is $450, although this depends on the complexity of what is required.

Make sure you check out my offer above if you sign up through my affiliate link!

I am one of those people who loves to create but also has a tendency to have lots of fingers in lots of pies! It got to the point that I finally admitted that I couldn’t do everything myself. Along came Lizzy… I am so glad I took the leap into outsourcing my ConvertKit transfer to her. Not only has she been a dream to work with in ensuring the process ran smoothly, her questions to me that covered things I would never have even known to ask myself, have been invaluable. Working with Lizzy has not only been a time saver but the peace of mind it’s given me that ‘everything has been done properly’ is absolutely priceless. I would use her again in a heartbeat. Jo Hodson

Health & Wellness Crusader, Including Cake

Already migrated to ConvertKit but want someone to check?

Think you’ve hopefully set up your ConvertKit correctly but just want someone to double check?

Hope you’ve got your forms, sequences and tags all connected up… but worry that some precious new subscribers won’t receive what they’re meant to?

Awesome, I’m a ConvertKit Certified Expert, and I’ve got a service just for you.

My ‘Check It For Me’ Service includes:

  • An initial thorough look around in your ConvertKit account.
  • A detailed ‘report’ of how it’s currently set up, and how your subscribers will ‘flow’ through. (You’re going to check that what I write here is what you actually intend to happen).
  • Any recommendations or words of wisdom I have for your ConvertKit setup.
  • A 30 min Skype call (with screen share if necessary) where we can go over my report, discuss any changes you might want to make, and answer any questions you might have about ConvertKit and using it effectively.

My ‘Check It For Me’ Service is $199.

Click here to book now.

Want 1:1 training to learn to use ConvertKit effectively?

Elizabeth Goddard - ConvertKit Training & StrategyAlready using ConvertKit but not sure if you’re doing it quite right?

I offer recorded Skype screenshare calls/training. You could use that time however you want:

  • going into every bit of CK and discussing how it works/why you might want to use it
  • mapping out a specific flow or funnel in your business
  • getting things set up or integrated with ConvertKit
  • setting up an autoresponder sequence or content upgrade sequence that you can then replicate in future
  • getting your tags and segments tidy
  • setting up templates with ‘dual’ unsubscribe links (i.e. Click here to unsubscribe from ____ type of emails. Click here to unsubscribe from everything ever)

An hour training / strategy call is $149.

Click here to book now.

Elizabeth is a wizard. I got more accomplished with her in one hour than I would have in an entire day on my own. She showed me new features inside ConvertKit that I never even knew were there. Best of all, she got my funnels up and running and my account fully optimized. She’s patient, wonderfully clear and concise in her directives, and knows her stuff, inside and out. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to work with Elizabeth, don’t hesitate. I for sure will be booking another session soon!

Jen Lehner

Jen Lehner Media, LLC

ConvertKit Migration testimonials

Done-for-you help and/or Troubleshooting

Just got a fiddly ConvertKit thing you want someone to hop in and fix? Want someone to set up a fancy automation? One of my fave questions is “In an ideal world, what do you want to do in ConvertKit?” and then, setting up something even better.

$50 per 30 mins.
Rarely does it take me longer to assess/fix/make recommendations.
If I can’t help/do it – I’ll refund you!

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Free 40 min Beginner's Guide to ConvertKit video

Learn everything you need to set up and get started with ConvertKit straight away! Tags, Forms, Automation Rules, Sequences, Broadcasts and more! 
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